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Astral Projection

Astral Projection - Start your Journey Now
Start your Journey Now - Astral projection is the process of allowing your spirit and imagination to leave your body. We all know the possibilities.

How to use Astral Projection
How astral projection gives you the ability to project your consciousness into a astral form outside your body. The adventure you have always dreamed of.

How to Astral Travel
Have you ever wanted to have an out-of-body experience? Some people wilfully discover Astral Travel, by reading about it, but many people have experienced OBE.

Out of Body Experiences Explained
Have you ever experienced the sensation of floating outside your body or departing from your physical body and watching yourself from outside of it? This unique sensation is called an out-of-body experience. One out of five individuals experiences this phenomenon.

The Astral World
The astral world or astral plane is also known as one of the seven heavens, the plane of existence which all tangible life exists.

The Astral Plane
Did you know the astral plane is inhabited by different types of spirits? Everything that happens on the earth has an impact within the astral plane.

Understanding Astral Projection
How astral projection gives you the ability to project your consciousness into a astral form outside your body. The adventure you have always dreamed of.

Understanding Remote Viewing
One of the ways you can experience the great reality is through remote viewing, a form of psychic ability. Explore this mesmerizing realm of the psychic mind.

Working with the Astral Body
Your astral body is essentially an invisible double of you physical body. It allows you to freely travel around anywhere. This can also be known as the soul or ethereal body.

Dreams and Dreaming

A Brief history of dreams and interpretation
We all know that all humans and animals dream every night. This brief history of dreams and interpretations dates back to 3000-4000 B.C.

Self growth and Dream Interpretation
How Dream Interpretation can lead to Self-Growth Skills that are important for successful dream interpretation and an understanding of our dreams.

The Understanding of Lucid Dreams
The benefits of lucid dreams give you the ability to control your dreams and helps steer them towards the direction you want.

The History of Dream Catchers
A dream catcher is an ancient spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams while you sleep. A dream catcher is usually placed over a bed where you sleep.

The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming
The benefits of lucid dreaming are many. Have you ever wondered how to lucid dream? Once you become aware of your dreams you start to control your dreams.

The facts about Sleep and Dreams
The facts about the dream state. Discover how your sleep and dreams are related. Discover why you dream, how you dream and what your dreams mean.

The Power of Dreams
Your dreams are formed from the main focus of your life at the time you have them. You could say the power of the intellect is the power of focus.

The link between Sleep and Dreams
Use dreaming as a tool for complete health. Did you know that when you sleep and dream there is a considerable amount of activity going on?

Understanding your Spiritual Dreams
Being able to determine what a normal dream is and what a spiritual dream is can be useful to understand.

Understanding the Language of Dreams
To understand the language of dreams is simply to remember the process of sorting and the recognition of the symbols.

Your Dreams can come True
What do your dreams say about you? Your dreams are a successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily while you sleep.