Meditation Exercises

Meditation enhances reality. Often you cannot imagine being relaxed whilst awake. Try one of our Meditation Excersies to see how you can relax.


A Country Scene Meditation
This country scene meditation helps make your mind calmer, leading to clear-seeing, happiness and freedom from suffering.

Babbling Brook Meditation
The beautiful babbling brook meditation for health and well being brings people, plants and nature together.

Book of life Meditation
This book of life meditation will help you gain insight into the origins and purpose of your past life.

Butterfly Meditation
Use this butterfly Meditation to understand freedom of self. A meditation to place yourself in a world of color, of sound and open space.

Christmas Meditation
With Christmas and New Year fast approaching you need to bring calm into your life. This Christmas meditation will give you time to pause and relax.

Crystal Angel Meditation
This delightful crystal angel meditation will allow you to contact your angels or your guardian angels. They are special angels that watch over you.

Fairies Meditation
The fairies meditation is how the fairies help calm you and relax you. Helping you see clear and to change your thinking about life.

Forest Meditation
This forest meditation will take you on a journey through nature. Let yourself become reconnected with the healing power of the earth.

How to bring forward your Spirit guides
This meditation will show you how to bring forward your guides. Feel the warmth and energy fill your whole body and ask your spirit guides questions.

How to find Spirit Animals with Meditation
How to find spirit animals through meditation. Spirit animals will be most present when you journey out of your conventional state of mind.

Inner Healing Meditation
A simple inner healing meditation to help heal your inner child and relax the mind. Your overall well being, confidence and self esteem will grow.

Meditation of Silence
In today’s fast world, many people are seeking ways to get away and relax. This meditation of silence gives you the opportunity to reach your inner self.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide Meditation
Meeting your spirit guide meditation This meditation will allow you to meet and connect with your spirit guide.

Morning Sunrise Meditation
There is a lot of power in the morning sunrise meditation. It is a perfect time for quiet time and inner peace. Let the sight and sound penetrate your body.

Ocean and the Dolphins Meditation
The Ocean and Dolphins Meditation. Close your eyes, see yourself walking along the ocean and listen to the dolphins as the sun shines down on the calm water.

Past Life Meditation
This meditation helps you see your past life. This a simple form of regression helping you to see the mistakes you have made so you can change now.

River of Life Meditation
Use this meditation to find out what you are really trying to accomplish. The River of Life brings you into a area of peace and inner awaking.

Sandy Beach Meditation for Relaxation
This meditation will allow you to journey towards a sandy beach where you can chill out and relax listening to the water.

Meditation for the secret garden
The Secret Garden meditation takes you on a deeply relaxing journey where you contemplate any issue of your choosing while you relax.

Spiritual Seed Meditation
This meditation is about your spiritual growth. When you are ready close your eyes and take a slow breath now invite your body to relax.

Spirit Guide Visualization
The spirit guide visualization will allow you to meet and connect with your guide. You will see the healing energy flow through you and the universal.

The Lake Meditation
This meditation gives you a place of peace and wonder. The lake meditation helps you to see life in a positive way.

The Rainbow Meditation
The rainbow meditation. This meditation is a healing meditation and helps to heal all parts of the body through color.

The Star Meditation
The star Meditation shows your destiny, how to calm your body, mind and soul. Bringing you into a relaxed state of mind so you can move on.

Waterfall Meditation
This waterfall meditation does not bring water but a stream of healing energy. Just like any meditation technique you will need a quiet place.