Mind Programming articles from inthe6th

A list of Mind Programming articles to help your personal development.


How to get inspired to succeed

Do you need to be inspired to aspire or do you need an aspiration to get inspired?

Change your life with affirmations

Learn how to remove negative thinking by using affirmations and positive thinking to manifest positive life change, self growth, self esteem and self improvement.

Change your life with hypnosis

Try hypnosis to change your life.  I would like to share Jen`s journey with you which is inspiring and shows you that you can change and get what you desire in life.

How to have a positive outlook

Find out how having a positive outlook can give you the life you dreamed of.

Having the power to think positive

Negative thoughts drain your energy. The more you give in to them, the stronger they become.

How to stop negative talk

If there is anything that can keep you from being productive and partaking in the abundance that life has to offer, it’s negative talk.

How to take control of your life

The majority of people are waiting. Waiting for that day when life will just suddenly happen. It's time to take control of your life and here's how to do exactly that.

How to make important choices in life

The choices you make affect and influence the course of your life. Making good choices in life means you will be happy.

Mind Programming for Personal Growth

How to program your mind to achieve success and have a better life for you and your family

Make a difference with mind secrets exposed

Greg Frost has a revolutionary product known as mind secrets exposed. The product is claimed to help one improve their rate of success in basically any life’s endeavor.

NLP Tool Box System - Self help Improvement

Self help Improvement The NLP Tool Box System A self improvement 'System' showing you how to obtain success and total financial independence.

Reduce stress with time management

Learn how time management helps you find ways to do the things you want and need to do.

Strategies on how to improve your memory

Learn how to improve your memory, remembering things is a vital part of everyday life, but for many of us we do not know how to use our memory to its full potential.

Subliminal messages with mindzoom

Subliminal messaging helps you reach for the stars. If you are like me you are always striving to achieve the best things in life.

The choice is yours when making decisions

You are making decisions every day; everything you say and do is the result of a decision, whether you make it consciously or unconsciously the choice is yours.

Understanding how to organize your life and mind

How to Organize Your Life. Does it seem like there are not enough hours in the day, or dollars in the bank? Is your car usually running on empty, and your trash can full?

Unlock the power of your mind

Learn how to use the power of your mind to get the inspiration for new ideas, jobs, and achievements.

Which mindset do you have?

If you've an employee mentality, you're more likely to look to other people to tell you what to do. You’ll find it difficult to take responsibility for the success and failure of your endeavor.