An Inner Healing Meditation

A simple inner healing meditation to help heal your inner child and relax the mind. Your overall well being, confidence and self esteem will grow.


Start by getting comfortable in your chair or by lying on the floor and gently close your eyes. Allow yourself to begin by drawing in one full deep and easy breath. As the air flows into your body, imagine that it contains soothing healing properties. As you draw in another full deep breath, imagine that the healing breath is flowing throughout your body healing and soothing. Then as you release each breath, feel the air that flows from your body carry away any tension that you may have been feeling when you started.

Let it go, see it moving out and away from your body and when you take in the next breath, feel it moving to an even deeper place within you, soothing, and relaxing even more of your body. Feel it bring up even more tension even more toxins releasing even more tightness with each succeeding breath. Going a little deeper until your breath is reaching into every part, every extremity of your body. Soothing, Releasing, Relaxing, and Healing.

Just for a moment, be aware of any place in your body that feels uncomfortable and say the word to yourself. For example head, neck, or foot.

Then as you take your next breath send the air to those parts of your body, allowing them to be soothed, and healed. Start to feel yours toes uncurling, any knots untying, and stiffness being soothed just like wrinkles, being ironed out of a shirt.

Now that you are relaxing more and more deeply in your body, you feel a growing sense of ease moving into your mind just like a fine mist. See that mist now take on the color of your choose and continue to breathe the color in. Watch it curl around your thoughts, gently embracing them and reminding them that this is your time to be at peace, your time to be at ease regardless of whatever else is happening in your life.

Now give yourself permission to relax in all that is real at this moment “now”, just let it be, let go and relax and let that inner healing enter your body..

If troubling thoughts arise, that’s OK, let them be and send the mist to surround them and waft them away. As though on a gentle wisp of wind. You are now relaxing, deeper, and deeper into a state of peace and ease; you are beginning to focus on that secret place deep within you. You can see a small white light shining softly beckoning you towards it with its gentle glow.

You start to draw near to it, attracted by its soft warm illumination and as you come closer, you find that your entire body is bathed in this gentle, embracing loving light. Just as the warm sun energizes your physical body, so is this light cleansing and re-vitalizing your spirit. The soft light is cleansing your inner self of those negative emotions that are so hard to get rid of entirely. Those lingering feelings of resentment from whatever source and from whatever time, some of them may even go back to your childhood.

You can now feel that the glow of the soft white light is replacing those negative feelings, leaving in their place feelings that are compassionate for all of those that may have contributed to the resentment you have harbored up to this time.

Now we are going to take a moment to shed you of negative feelings that you may or may not have towards others. Now say quietly to yourself as the inner healing starts, “I forgive everyone that may have treated me unfairly in the past and I am now ready to move on down my path of life towards my future that I know is waiting for me”.

Now say to your inner self, “I forgive everyone that may have treated me unfairly in the past and I am now moving on”. Now just let those thoughts of forgiveness float away, knowing that whatever you believe will direct those to wherever, they are needed most.

Now take a moment and notice how much lighter you feel because you have rid yourself of a burden and have taken on an uplifting feeling of joyful expectation in its place. You will notice that resentment has now turned to compassion. Where there was ill will there is good intentions and you have taken a big step forward on your path towards true enlightenment.

You are still feeling relaxed and at ease, you are feeling warm and comfortable as you continue to bath in the soft glow of the inner healing sooth white light. Take a few moments to listen to the music and enjoy these moments of inner serenity and tranquility so you can send your inner healing thoughts to loved ones and friends that need your help.

Now come slowly back to the here and now. You should feel completely refreshed physically and emotionally and you are ready to meet the challenges to come in the days ahead. I am now going to count from one to five on the count of three you will open your eyes and on the count of five you will be awake. Feeling totally refreshed and physically and mentally restored.

* You are starting to come back to your body

* You are now back where you started and aware of you body

* You start to hear sounds around you

* Open your eyes

You are now wide-awake feeling perfectly healthy completely refreshed and re-energized.