Enjoy the Journey of Life

You are on a unique journey, this is called the journey of life. This journey begins and ends with the eternal spirit. Why not start yours now?


Each one of us are on a unique journey, this is called the journey of life.

This journey of life begins and ends with the eternal spirit. The main destinations are embodiment and enlightenment. With the help of spirit, you are granted permission to enter a physical vehicle, allowing you to learn from the wheel of life. This wheel of life helps you work through you responsibilities.

Your body is in constant motion. Every cell, tissue, organ and system keeps time. Energy pulses through and around each atom in our body. Each tiny particle vibrates. True embodiment is about understanding your body at all times, allowing you to move in ecstasy.

In contemporary societies, the experience of wholeness has now become insignificant. To correct this you need to re-establish with your body. This I refer to as true embodiment being in the here and now. Ecstasy is not an out- of- body experience, it is about a heightened sense of exists in your body. It is a sense that puts you in touch with your connection to the universe.

When you listen to your body and moving with both its gentle and its dynamic rhythms, it will help you to develop a deep connection to the self. Then as you re-tune to your physical vehicle and as you come to understand embodiment you will automatically move towards enlightenment.

Once you become conscious of the spiritual significance and your spiritual journey, you can reclaim your spiritual power, inner wisdom and truth. The journey of life start with the bodies awareness to awareness of the soul requires a transformation of consciousness. Spirit is to be received and expressed as it manifests itself within you.

As you involve throughout your life, you will learn many lessons. One of the greatest lessons you can learn is that life on the physical plane is limited and that within these limitations there is constant change. There is a light that shines; this light comes from your eternal spirit.

The journey of life evolution moves you through many vibrational shifts, and each of these shifts are lessons you need to learn and each have a different level of soul consciousness. These lessons help you to move through life. Everyone has the ability to connect with mother earth allowing them to become grounded.

It is my understanding that spirit makes this circuit repeatedly. You continue to give birth to different aspects of yourself. As you journey through life, you can move closer to a spiritual understanding, no matter how wise or misguided you may be, life continues to move on. I believe that you are provided with the opportunity to glimpse enlightenment. Whatever path you take, whatever position you hold within society your inner potential is the same. Potential is always there, inviting you to evolve towards enlightenment.

The soul travels to earth and takes up residence in the physical body in order to experience pain, truth and ecstasy. It then returns to pure spirit. I believe you will repeat this cycle of involution and evolution until you reach a state of permanent enlightenment. With each new experience that moves you along your path comes embodiment, it needs to be totally absorbed into your being to be of use to you as you evolve.

The truth is, learning is ongoing. The journey of life is ongoing. Involution and evolution are ongoing. As you journey you will see more, feel more and know more. Energy continues to move between embodiment and enlightenment. However, and most importantly, you will come to know more of your true self.