Understanding the language of dreams

To understand the language of dreams is simply to remember the process of sorting and the recognition of the symbols.


It has been suggested that the language of dreams is like learning a new language; this is very true except that language is actually already known to you and it is simply a matter of re-learning. A baby for example, sees before it speaks and interprets what it sees on a simplistic level. Jumbles of impression gradually gain meaning and a meaningless medley of sound does have some kind of significance. The feelings associated with the impressions and the sounds become recognizable, if what is occurring is acceptable, the process of sorting becomes automatic. As the baby becomes able to receive information, the sense of wonder becomes less and the process of discovery becomes more automatic.

To understand the language of dreams is simply to remember the process of sorting and the recognition of the symbols. Initially the situation or the environment in which you the dreamer finds yourself needs to be interpreted. The interpretation is what gives you the context of the dream. For instance, to dream of being in a school would indicate a learning environment and as the dreamer, you could relate this to your present circumstance.

As the dreamer you could focus on how you felt or the emotions you experienced, so that there is an understanding of the dream scenario (just as a playwright would set the scene so that an audience understands the play). In other words your mind sets the sense for you.

The drama being played out in your dream is often non-sequential, with the sense shifting apparently without rhyme or reason. If it is accepted that the mind gives emphasis in a subjective way to what must be revealed then it places it into some type of order. Once the dream is revealed than the various aspects can be given definition and the symbols interpreted.

The language of dreams does have common themes and a commonly accepted meaning, just like every language, dreams have their own dialect. Everyone has their own dialect which arises from your own experiences, family stories, perceptions and emotions. The only interpretation which is truly valid is your own. You can ask for help from others who speak the same language, or you can take the time to learn a new terminology. For example, an interpretation of being in a boat and catching a fish could have two meanings. The first would depend on whether you as the dreamer were a fisherman or not and it may be you are focusing on the emotions within the work situation, while the second is trying to deal with the ability to achieve success and the emotions associated with that.

To get started it does help if you can buy a dream interpretation book. Once you have the book you need to make an alphabetical list of your dream before you can start the interpretation. Below is an example.


The Dream

The dream shows you looking at a picture which was quite dark, dingy and old. There was a man rubbing at the picture to clean it and he placed his finger through the bottom left hand comer. Now you are running down a path with a close female friend to warn a couple who have brought the picture that it was damaged. However, the woman seemed unconcerned.


Now you need to place the dream in to an alphabetical list.

Bottom, buy, clean, concern, corner and couple, dark, dingy and damaged, female, finger and friend, looking and left, man, old, picture and path, running and woman

Now you would look up each word in your dream interpretation book and write down each meaning. After this, you would place the story together giving you a reason for the dream.

In order to understand your dreams you must remember that dreams are a language. Many languages have certain things in common. Just as words can have many different definitions and meanings, images can have many different symbols and meanings. Your dreams must be listened to and understood from the heart. The language of dreams needs to learned and practiced. Understanding and interpreting dreams, will take time and practice.

Once you understand your dreams, it will help you embrace your life more fully, relate more intimately and effectively in family, social and work relationships. You will also feel more grounded in the spiritual dimension of life.

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