Working with the law of cause and effect

Did you know that the law of cause and effect means that for every action there is a reaction or consequence of equal proportion?


Most of our troubles are brought about by exercising our own free will.

If we choose to ignore the laws, we cannot escape the consequences of our actions. You cannot alter the laws of the universe. What has been sown must be harvested. If you have used selfishness, you must accept the results. Pride, jealousy, envy, greed, malice, distrust and suspicion all these things, when they fructify will cause distress and decay.

Therefore, people might ask is "free will" limited, in the sense that there are definite tendencies of events in relation to individuals.

We all have tendencies and vibrations that we do not let go. Everyone is surround by radiations and influences, many of which can affect your destiny.

When your "free will" is used correctly, it allows you to conquer all that stands in your way of the fullest expression of that part of the universe that is within you. Because you are part of the universe and part of the universe is you.

A seed of the universe will be planted within every human soul, like a seed is planted in the earth. If you give a seed what it needs to grow, the seed will first shoot up through the earth and eventually will bloom and bursts into full flower.

The universe has planted the seed within us all, and you are the gardener. It depends upon your efforts when or indeed whether the fullness of the flower is able to express itself. This is your free will. If you keep the seed in the darkness and do not give it the light, the universe cannot be expressed through you.

The law is perfect when it is in operation. Effect always follows cause. No individual has the power to alter by one hairs breadth the sequence of cause and effect. That which is harvested must be that which is sown in the soul of every individual. The law of cause and effect is basic, fundamental, and unalterable because you can only harvest what you sown

Whatever good you do, you are the better for it.

Whatever selfishness you practice, you are worse for it.

You cannot cheat the natural law. You cannot say you are sorry for what you have done and automatically obliterate all the effect of the causes you set in motion.

I will give you 2 scenario of how the laws of cause and effect could work.

You have promised to fax a business acquaintance an important report that could clinch a deal for them. You leave home and 10 minutes up the road you suddenly remember you have left the report at home.

You have 2 choices you can go back and get it or you can leave it were it is.


Scenario 1.

You decide that you cannot be bothered to go back and get it and will make some excuse to your business acquaintance. Later that morning you receive a phone call, it's your business acquaintance asking if you are going to fax over that report you promised. You tell them that you are very sorry but unfortunately you could not find the report. Consequently your acquaintance losses the deal and will never trust or rely upon you again.


Scenario 2.

You decide to go back and pick up the report. When you arrive at the office you immediately fax the report to your business acquaintance. Later that morning you receive a phone call from your acquaintance. They thank you and apologize for not getting back to you sooner but they wanted to read it first. It was exactly what they needed and believes they will clinch the deal. The same afternoon you receive a phone call from someone you do not know. They wish to put some business your way as you were recommended by your business acquaintance they had done business with earlier that day. They said you were a person that could be trusted and were true to your word, the ideal person to do business with.

The scenario I have used may appear corny, but it illustrates how the law of cause and effect works. You cannot change the outcome of your actions. Once the law of course and effect has been put into action it will follow through to the end. If you realize that you have made a wrong judgment and try to intercept your mistake you will then set another effect into motion. This effect will then set another cause into motion followed by another effect. The law is infinite, therefore so are your actions.

Every decision and every action you have made to date has bought you to where you are now. You cannot change that. What you can do is make sure every decision and action you take from now on is the right one, therefore making sure that the law of cause and effect works well for you in the future.

Effect must follow cause with accuracy. In turn, the effect becomes the cause, by which another effect is set into motion, producing another cause. The process is a constant one.

Throughout the vast variety of the phenomena of nature, everything small or large, simple or complex follows the law of cause and effect. Nothing can interrupt that sequence.

If effect did not follow cause your world, the universe, and the vast cosmos would be chaotic.

A divine justice rules the universe, with religious and spiritual significance. If you could change the effect of some wrong doing it would break the divine justice rules, in turn this would show that the universal law was imperfect in its operation and unjust because you could change its pattern.

Nature must follow its ordained path, oblivious to man's desire. It has tasks to perform, and will continue to do so. When man works in harmony, they reap the results. Nature can be profligate in the abundance; it has to offer to those who work in harmony with it.