The Understanding of Lucid Dreams

The benefits of lucid dreams give you the ability to control your dreams and helps steer them towards the direction you want.


Lucid dreams are when you become aware of dreaming and you are able to control the outcome of your dream. This way of dreaming is very rare but it is possible to teach yourselves to have lucid dreams. Lucid dreams come from Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Tibetan Buddhists believes that the very purpose of dreaming is to allow the conscious mind to influence and control the unconscious. The name “Lucid Dreaming” was devised from a man called William Van Eedan, a Dutch Physician. He has reported experiencing mental arousal and a high state of awareness during his dreams.

Lucid dreams are said to possess a quality, which once experienced are usually remembered. The Lucid part of the dream reflects the clarity of the dreamer’s level of consciousness rather than the vividness of the dream. The dreamer will become aware in the middle of such a dream that he or she is dreaming. Then the dream scenes can come more realistic as this realization occurs. A dreamer can retain this state and can influence the outcome of these dreams.


To obtain a lucid dream involves training.

Start with relaxation techniques. This will help you to prepare. Once you sense that you are moving towards a period of ordinary sleep, it is important to stay relaxed. If possible, try not to focus on your conscious mind. Just let yourself go with the flow. You are likely to be able to continue sleeping and dreaming as you wish. You will gain familiarity with your dream symbols and the dream themes the more you practice. Each time it will become easier to recognize the point at which you reach your lucid dream state.

If you meditate or practice self-hypnosis, you can get the same result as lucid dreaming. This technique helps you to have a full night's sleep. If successful, these techniques will bring about a state of deep relaxation by focusing the mind on breathing. When you have reached a state of complete mental and physical calm, you can allow yourself to introduce controlled images into your mind. Some of the visualizations may consist of a location that is special to you. Once you have reached this place, spend some time there relaxing.

Remember, with any visualization it does not come straightaway; it can require persistence. Having lucid dreams has no known danger; there have been no negative reports. In fact, lucid dreams are less threatening than normal dreams as you have control.

When some people have a problem, they may decide to sleep on it. Some people will tell you that when they have awoken they have found the answer to the problem. This is another form of a Lucid Dream. Some psychics regard lucid dreams as an important route into the spirit world. Some individuals who were able to access this dream state were often chosen to be the shaman of a tribe. Remember that sometimes sleep can be a source of dazzling inspiration.


Control your Dreams

There are three forms of lucid dreams
A feeling of flying, release, freedom and pleasure; this state can be unforgettable. Sometimes it can also help you to redirect nightmares by transforming the horror into something harmless. If you can do this, it can also help boost your confidence.



It is good to visualize what it will be like once you have changed things in your life. The dream can help you to react to the way things could be. It will help you find whether you are going to be happy, frightened or worried.

Releasing stress and grief. Some researchers found that people who have had a stroke or an illness in which they are unable to move, can imagine through the dream that they can walk, talk and move again. This can give them the courage to carry on their fight.


Exercise for Lucid Dreaming

In the morning, start planning your dream in dramatic colorful detail.
Return to your dream story at frequent intervals during the day and go over its details until the entire sequence is fixed in your consciousness.

Just before you go to sleep, relax then start to replay your dream in your mind. Try to stay conscious while you are dreaming. If this disturbs your sleep, try the following. As soon as you wake up in the morning and are in a half doze, will yourself to have a lucid dream then go back to sleep.

Learn to Lucid Dream Easily