The choice is yours when making decisions

You are making decisions every day; everything you say and do is the result of a decision, whether you make it consciously or unconsciously the choice is yours.

By Tony Mase © Tony Mase - All Rights Reserved


Yes or no? - Stay or go?

Like it or not, making decisions are all around us. Some of them - like who to marry - have major life-long consequences. Others - like what to do on a Saturday night - are relatively minor. But, there are plenty of people who find it difficult in making decisions. Just the thought of having to make a choice sends a lot of people into a fit of anxiety.

Making things more complicated, making decisions are not always black and white. When it comes to things like careers, money, and relationships, there's a lot of gray. And, when it comes to making decisions, the best choice is not always obvious. Sometimes, there are glimmers of possibility on all sides.


So, how are you supposed to know which choice is right for you?

The next time you are making decisions, you need to start by asking yourself these 4 questions:


1. What can you get out making decisions?

Because there are no guarantees in life, making decisions is a lot like taking a chance. But you may be willing to risk more if the payout is big. Sure, that new job sounds intimidating and it would entail working some long hours, but if you can make enough money to send your kids to college, is the challenge not worth it?


2. What's the worst that can happen?

Sure, it may sound pessimistic, but it's a very important question.

Let's say you are trying to decide whether or not to ask out that beautiful girl in your history class. If she says no, it will be disappointing and a little embarrassing.

But, really, what's the worst that can happen? You will not die from the embarrassment. The semester will be over soon and you will never have to see her again. In the grand scheme of things, you do not have much to lose by asking her out.

Or, if you are thinking about buying a new house with your girlfriend, you may discover there's actually a lot that can go wrong. What's the worst that can happen? You could break up. Then, who would keep the house? Who would keep paying the mortgage? What would happen to all of the money you have already invested in the house? If you have a lot to lose, you may not be so willing to take the chance.

No one likes going into a situation thinking about the negatives, but, by giving them some thought, those negatives may spell out the right decision!


3. What does this have to be done right now?

You may discover making decisions is too risky right now - but that does not mean you cannot go through with it a week from now, a month from now, or a year from now.

Remember, you can always change your mind later.

Let's say you are thinking about buying a particular stock. You might feel the current price is just a little too high (and, thus, you could lose a lot of money if it suddenly tanks). However, you might decide if the price drops a little bit later, then you can move forward with the purchase. You are not putting off making a decision; you are just reserving the right to modify things later!


4. What's your gut telling you?

Sometimes, weighing all of the pros and cons just is not enough. A lot of times, that little voice inside your head is telling you what to do - and hoping you will listen. A gut feeling can be just as strong as listing the positives and negatives. If something just feels right or wrong, it probably is


Tony Mase is a serious student of the works of Wallace D.Wattles and the publisher of the "The Personal Power Course: Ten Lessons in Constructive Science, Teaching You How to Use Your Own Subconscious Energies for Health, Prosperity and Personal Achievement" e-book by Wallace D. Wattles. Start making decisions right now they might be the best thing for you life.