How to be the master of your success

To be the master of your success you have to have control over your beliefs, your conflicts, your language, your emotions and ultimately your results to fulfill your dreams.


I have two questions for you? Can you be the master of your success? And, have you ever wondered why things go wrong around you, and then said to yourself why has it happened to me?

The answer to these questions lies partly in the fact that you live in a state of polarity consciousness. This is a point where life can have a contrast between opposing forces. These can cause the events in your life to be good or bad, most refer to these as bad or good judgment calls. The word judgment belongs in the third density the physical consciousness. Physical consciousness is where bad things exist and can appear. This is what this area is designed to do.

When you think about it, life is a stage show and it’s your souls level that gives you a chance to change things allowing you to open the door of opportunities or for you to become the master of your success, this is the main purpose of your life.

To create your own life plan can bring a major change in your life. Successful opportunities can just as easily be a personal thing. Sometimes, it is a tool that is chosen for you to break a long standing blockage within your self or your psyche. What I am saying is that to empower your life is to take the opportunities and release old blockages which are cheating you of a fuller life.

We will never know the reason why bad events happen but what we do know is that in a world that habitually contrasts light and dark the events that can appear bad are often the greatest opportunities, allowing you to become the master of your success, allowing you to grow within yourself.


Without things going wrong in life, nothing moves, nothing progresses.

Words cannot relate to you the rewards that you can receive from instant inner power and growing and understanding you inner self. As you begin to experience these challenges your efforts will be rewarded.

With each step you take towards becoming the master of your success, you will grow and understand more and more. You will experience a very noticeable lessening of negative emotions; you will feel a sense of peace that you may have only experienced briefly before.

Over time you will become more sensitive of others and their emotions. The more you grow and understand the better your life will become. You will have less stress, less hate and less pain. You will have more joy and happiness. Your relationships will go smoothly because you will be able to choose relationships that are good for you. On the most important side you will become more sensitive to thinking consciously and therefore you will be able to think more clearly and be better at making your own decisions in life and you will be able to take full average of the challenges and opportunities in your life.

Being the master of your success is the expansion of personal truth it is a movement towards reality it is a process of becoming more than you were before.

This process will help you to become a stronger and a better person. Processes of coming to know who you really are is a process towards your journey of life.

In order to grow it is necessary to change your mental attitude and experience your life in different areas. It can be disturbing to face the possibility of changing your life when you have no idea which direction the change will take you. I would like to tell you that whatever change you make you will be very surprised by the outcome.

It is important to understand that when you start doing something unfamiliar you will also trigger the sense of fear within you. This is because it is the unknown and this can sometimes cause things to get bad before they get better. As time goes on you will start to become less afraid of any changes you make and you will find you will no longer want to carry on with your old life, you will only want to kick start your life.

This change can take time, so you need to build your strength and you need to feel that you are ready to make these changes in your life. But once you have decided to do so, you will never want to return back to your old ways. The sooner you take the decision to change, the sooner you will be the master of your success and the sooner your life will improve.

Best of all you will be expending less energy on coping with your negative emotions and you will have more energy to accomplish more things in your life. Now you can understand why bad things in life happen.


Here are four steps to help you accomplish this change.


Step 1 Willing

You need to know you have a problem before you can face the problem. For example alcoholics do not stop drinking until they can face their drinking problem.
When you know you have a problem you must then been willing to go through whatever it takes to start the change. If you are not “willing” at this point in your life, then you will not be able to complete step one.


Step 2 Watchful

This step is about being watchful of your thoughts. You need to take action so that you can identify what you need to change. You can use the cause and effect pattern of thought. In this step you will discover what you need to do to help change your thoughts. This process of “watchfulness” and “searching” for the answers takes effort and can be emotionally draining and painful. This is the reason that you have to want to change. As I said in step one, if you are not ready to take this step then you are not ready to complete step two and empower your life.


Step 3 Visualization

Once you have completed step one and two and you feel ready to start with step three you need to decide when you are completely ready. So you now need to plant the new change firmly in your mind. You now need to focus on it as deeply as possible and with as much emotion as you can. You will start to actually feel the freedom and peace. Take the time to practice visualization, because it is through visualization that you will see clearly and feel the different results giving you concrete evidence that you need to be fully committed to yourself so you can become the master of your success.


Step 4 Effort

You need to put effort through all these steps; it is your efforts that will produce the greatest rewards. After a short time of applying your change you will find that when you go back to your old ways the new change will automatically kick-in and less effort will be needed. It is important to understand that the true value of anything is only gained by your effort. With all this effort in place, you can open the door of opportunities.

Things that come easy are usually of little value. It is the effort that you put in, that determines the quality of the results. Remember, the happiest people are not those who get their way, but those who make the most of what they have or how they have changed their life for the better using instant inner power.

It is important to understand that you should try this long enough to see a result. Do not give up within a few days or even a few weeks. You can and you will become the master of your success.