The meditation for mind and body

How the meditation workout for mind and body helps with deep relaxation. It helps you still the mind and stops constant chatter in your head.


My heart is in harmony with my mind. My mind is in harmony with my chi and my chi is in harmony with my power.

There are intrinsic harmonies between certain parts of the body. Your hands are in harmony with your feet. Your elbows are in harmony with your knees. And your shoulders are in harmony with your hips.

As you continue to train the warrior's way, you will begin to find all the muscles and joints in your body working in harmony, giving you a strength and endurance you have probably never felt before.

The Shaolin Workout trains your body from head to toe. No single muscle or limb can be anywhere near as strong as when all your muscles work together.

These physical harmonies reflect spiritual and mental harmonies: Your heart is in harmony with your mind. Your mind is in harmony with your chi and your chi is in harmony with your power.

These are inseparable relationships. You cannot separate your heart from your mind or your mind from your body. The physical and the mental are linked. When your body is weak and tired, so is your mind. When your body falls asleep, your mind stops working, too. And by the same token, if you exhaust your mind, your body will be exhausted, too. If you are thinking and worrying so much at night that you cannot rest, the next day your body will have no chi You will be doing your workout Sleeping Style!

That is why you relax both your body and your mind. You a want flexible mind in flexible body.

If you find yourself getting stressed out today at your desk at work, in a long line at the supermarket, wherever it is take a moment to relax. If your mind is stressed, your body tenses.

You feel the muscles in your neck tighten, and your shoulders hunching. Your chest constricts, and you cannot breathe right. You can give yourself a headache or stomachache.

When you are tense, you cannot celebrate your beautiful life. Loosen up. Relax your body and your mind. Stand up from your desk and do your neck stretches and shoulder rotations. Or do them standing right there in that supermarket line. Who cares if other people are watching?

Relax those muscles, and you will relieve some of the mental stress as well. It is not magic or mumbo jumbo. It is your body and mind working in harmony. And now that you are relaxed, you will see how much easier it is to get through the task at hand. A relaxed mind in a relaxed body allows the chi to flow and releases your power.

Try it today. You will see.