Think rich to get rich the millionaires mindset

You are who you hang around with - If your friends are all on welfare then your ability to have a millionaire mindset will be limited and you will not achieve success.


Before I tell you how to create a millionaires mindset or how to program your mind I have a question for you.

What would having more money give you that you do not already have?

When I have asked my clients this question in the past the answer I receive is happiness, freedom and security. However, money itself is not the source of any of these things.
Each of the words above represents a state you can generate within you, a neuro-chemical event in your body and mind which helps you to re program your mind.

If money is the really key to happiness, freedom and security why are people that have everything still not happy? I myself know plenty of people with money, however; the sad truth is that they are still looking for happiness.

When you create a millionaires mindset or you program your mind you need not only to think about the money, you also need to have happiness, freedom and security. This you can do by reprogramming your mind to think differently.

If you want to get something in order to feel a certain way, you need to reprogram your mind this is the fastest way to achieve what you want out of life.

So, why not start here today? Try the following technique by applying these principles is to create a millionaires mindset.


Step One

Make a list of all the states and feelings you believe money will bring you. For example; happiness, confidence and peace, all the nice things, remember to keep them positive.


Step Two

Choose the first statement on your list. Now remember how you felt. Now fully return to that event and remember the good feeling it had. If you cannot remember a time, imagine how much better your life would be if you felt that way now, if you had a millionaires mind and had all you could wish for.


Step Three

Keep going through these events, make the colors brighter and richer the sounds louder and the feelings stronger.


Step Four

As you feel these good feelings squeeze your thumb and middle finger of one of your hands together and say these words “I am happy and wealthy!” this you can do in your mind or out loud.


Step Five

Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 with each emotional state on your list. Just by squeezing the thumb and middle finger together and repeating the phrase “I am wealthy!” will begin to bring back these good feelings you associate with your life.

What you have just done is called your wealth anchor. Use it anytime you are thinking about or wanting more money to condition yourself for success.

Another one of the fundamental aspects of the millionaire mindset is separating your ability to make money from the necessity of spending time to do it. Trading your time for money is the cornerstone of consciousness. This is the why a millionaire will never work for an hourly wage.

If you want to create wealth it is necessary to recognize that your ability to add and provide value is important, whether to a person, a project, a company or an enterprise.

A millionaire will never stand still they are also looking out for the next challenge and they never look at anything as a waste of time. Every thought has a reason behind it and there is always money to be made. That is why they have a millionaire’s mindset and a millionaire’s life style they never pass up an opportunity. Most importantly they never believe they will fail and they believe in themselves.

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