Mind Programming for Personal Growth

How to program your mind to achieve success and have a better life for you and your family.


When you start programming your mind you have to manage your thoughts and emotions.

I think it is safe to assume you want to be happy, healthy and to achieve success in life; however, this does not happen by chance. You have to make it happen by mind programming.

So how do you change your life around? The answer is easier than you think; you have to learn how to control your emotional state and the thoughts that go through your mind. The truth is you are in control, and it is you that has to take control. Now is the time to make your decisions based upon what your mind is focused on. So now you’re asking yourself, how you program your mind. You do it by listening to your inner thoughts and the self-talk that your mind does, however, you should ask the right questions to get the right answers.

You need to condition yourself to feel differently about pain and pleasure and what you associate them with. You need to change the way you think and feel. This is known as mind programming. When you think about it, your mind is the biggest muscle you have, so you need to make it work for you and not against you. When you program your mind you will soon open the door of opportunity.

To achieve success at anything requires setting and achieving goals. This means focusing on your goals and taking action on a daily basis to help you achieve them. To do this you need to take one day at a time when working on your goals, you do this until your actions become a way of life. A successful person uses mind programming; they have discipline and take consistent action.

Everyone young or old can learn mind programming to improve their decision making. Making a decision is not something you do through habit, it requires conscious thoughts. When you think about it, your life is a series of decisions and every decision you take is different and will have a different outcome.

Most decisions you make are made in a series, you do something and then do something else. Often, making one decision does not settle anything. Instead, it gets you into the position to make another. Making a decision involves making a choice and selecting from different alternatives. All decisions carry with them some dissatisfactions and conflicts. The bad must be accepted along with the good. Successful decision-making means making a choice that has enough of the important satisfactions in it, to outweigh the less important dissatisfactions.

Below are seven decision-making steps you can use to help you with mind programming .


Recognizing the problem.

Start by recognizing that the problem exists. With big problems you need to break them down into smaller and easier parts as this will help you deal with the situation. The next thing is to understand that you need to make a decision about the problem, only when you have done this can you change your life.


Analyze the problem.

Once you have identified your problem you need to carefully study it and find out what is causing it. However, you need to be honest and as specific as possible. Setting your personal goals
Consider the goal or goals you want to reach. Your goals should be influenced by the values you have and what is important to you. Remember your goal or goals are about things you want and how they are going to change your life. At this point you need to become aware of your values and your priorities as this will help you set and achieve your personal goals.


Alternatives to your problems.

Now look and think of as many alternatives as possible. I realize it is not always feasible to explore all the possibilities because of time and money. However, try to look for possibilities that are obvious. If your decision is about financial freedom it will be worthwhile spending more time and effort looking into the situation. Analyze your resources and take action. How does the time, money, skill, energy or other resource compare with the recourses you presently have? Does one alternative require fewer resources? You must compare the expected benefits from your selection. It does not always work, if you choose to take the cheapest product or the lowest cost activity.


The best alternative to your problem.

Once you have looked carefully at each alternative selection choose the best one for you. However, keep the values that are important to you, and the goal you are working towards and the resources you have to work with. If you find that none of the available alternatives are acceptable perhaps a new alternative can be created by compromising or combining your ideas.


Take action.

Just by you making a decision will not work; you have to program your mind into taking action. Once you start to action your decision you will be able to achieve your personal goals. Once you start taking action on your decision you will notice that one decision will lead to another and each decision is directly dependent on the previous one.


Accept your responsibility.

Now use mind programming to making your decisions you need to accept the responsibility and consequences that go with it. I realize that most decision are made without having all the information you would like or the resources you really want, however, do not let this put you off. Just because you have to revise you situation does not mean it will not work this is all part of improving your brain power.


Evaluate your results.

The outcome or result of your goal should be evaluated regularly this will help you determine it’s effectiveness and for you to see that it really does work and you can change your life.

So let’s sum up the nine most important things you need when it comes to mind programming and achieving your goals.


Carry out your plan. Keep a record of the decisions you make, this will help you achieve your goal.

Remember , mind programming is about changing you life.