Morning Sunrise Meditation

There is a lot of power in the morning sunrise meditation. It is a perfect time for quiet time and inner peace. Let the sight and sound penetrate your body.


Imagine you are standing inside a lotus flower, see and feel the petals slowly protecting you. Your body is now protected from you head to your feet; you can feel the soft petals and its fragrance.

This beautiful lotus flower with its delight and beauty is protecting your entire body. As you wait for your journey to commence, start to concentrate on your incoming and outgoing breath maintaining your focus on the peaceful inner silence.

Now imagine that you are sitting alone on soft sand on an isolated beach. It is just before sunrise and you are gazing across the calm and still sea. There is a gentle breeze blowing and the only sound you can hear is the rhythm of the waves as they touch the beach.

With each new wave, it washes away any fears, anxieties or frustrations you have, it replaces you body with awareness, freshness and vitality.

As you gaze out to the horizon the golden rays of the approaching dawn fill the clear morning sky. The golden disc of the rising sun appears followed with the warmth of the sun, giving you a day filled with purpose and promise.

Now stand on the beach and as you do so, you notice you have wings, slowly you gather your strength and confidence and you start to open your wings. As you fully extend your wings a gust of wind lifts you and you are free to fly climbing higher and higher across the sea.

As you turn into the wind, you effortlessly climb with great speed to unimaginable heights in the wonderful blue sky. You have worked hard for this time or this freedom, so enjoy it. You can fly in any direction knowing your free and you are being guided by your heart.

In the center of the ocean, you notice a mountain. You land to rest, and as you look across the ocean, you can see the beach.

As you sit on the mountain you can hear a gentle stream flowing close to you. And as you watch, you see the stream silently flowing back into the still blue dept of the ocean leaving you feeling peaceful.

Now you stand up and open your wings, you lift up high again above the ocean and you land back on the beach, and when you look, your wings have disappeared and you are sitting back on the beach looking at the horizon once again. The only difference is you now have inner peace, as you reach the end of your journey you open your eyes, and find yourself back in the here and now.