Five Natural Healing Remedies

Here are five natural healing remedies you can try. The world trend currently is natural remedies they are safer and cheaper compared to modern drugs.


So what is so different about the approach of Natural Healing Remedies ?

Why do they prescribe vitamins, minerals and herbs instead of advocating the usual drugs and surgery which modern medicine offers?

The answer to these questions lies in the understanding of the concept of homeostasis in relation to health and disease. Homeostasis is defined as the self-regulating or balancing mechanism of the body. It can also be defined as the self-recuperative process of the body. Natural therapists are seeking to restore or enhance the equilibrium of the body through the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathy and other harmless means. The process of homeostasis could be extended to psychological realms because our philosophy includes the need to treat the whole person. Balance must be restored to all levels of our being. Natural Healing Remedies promotes treatment based on a holistic approach, with concerns for underlying causes, rather than dealing only with the symptoms.


Natural Healing Remedies Minerals

Minerals are the building block of the body’s tissues.

The key minerals include iron, calcium, phosphonorous, zinc, magnesium, potassium, sulphur, sodium and less commonly known elements such as selenium and vanadium. They must be supplied in small amounts via the diet throughout life or you may suffer from a deficiency. Natural therapists and some medical scientists agree that due to the refining of foods nowadays, and to the deficiency of soils in which foods are grown, is why so many people are now showing deficiency in the body. Many of these elements such as magnesium have a synergistic action in the body and are responsible for a number of biochemical chains. Magnesium for example is involved in over fifty biochemical chains in the body. The prevention of anemia is not only related to iron but to an adequate placing of copper which in turn is antagonized or removed by zinc.

One of the problems associated with the indiscriminate self-dosing of vitamins and minerals arises from this complexity of synergistic actions. Vitamins are often useless without the presence of associated minerals and vice versa. Generally speaking mineral deficiencies are removed in three to six months of treatment.


Natural Healing Remedies Vitamins

Vitamins are catalysts which provide the energy for many reactions in the body. Vitamin C for instance is directly related to electron transfer within the cells of the body and is therefore associated with energy reactions. As mentioned early many biochemical processes involving vitamins are also linked to traces of minerals. It has been found that both vitamin C and vitamin E are anti-oxidants and when in the body they prevent certain aging and destructive processes to which cells are subjected as we go through life. As with the minerals the body can easily become deficient in vitamins through inadequate nutrition and poor cooking techniques. Some vitamins are destroyed by chemicals which are in the modern environment. The use of pharmaceutical products, such as the contraceptive pill used on a regular basis is known to deplete the body of particular vitamins. There is today a great deal of evidence to suggest that vitamin deficiencies are widespread. By contacting a therapists can ensure correct selection and dosage of vitamin supplementations.


Natural Healing Remedies Herbs

Herbs have been used since time immemorial for the restoration of health. They are able to restore the function of disorders in the organs and help to tone effected tissues. Individual herbs have been found to have an affinity with particular organs or system. For example Dandelion and Centaury have an affect on the liver, whilst Parsley and Berberis have a toning action on the kidneys and Red Clover and Violet cleanses the lymphatic system.

Herbs are considered to be essential to the process of eliminating the toxins which build up in the body as a result of poor diet weak digestion and stress. They may be used as teas, infusions, liquid extracts, tinctures and solid extracts. Some of the efficacy of herbs is attributed to their vitamin and mineral content. Natural therapists would argue that nature has provided a balance of ingredients in the completer herb that protects against the possibility of side effects. Indeed the majority of herbs have few side-effects and the well-trained therapists know which herb’s to handle with care. Side-effects may result from isolating and concentrating particular active ingredients. This problem occurs in modern orthodox medicine as a result of isolating and concentrating the active principles in herbs.

A therapist should only administer herbs, it is unwise for an untrained person to prepare herbs, as there are many closely related herbs, which look similar but will have a very different action. It is also important to select suitable combinations of herbs due to their action. Dosages and frequency is critical for optimum efficacy, although over dosage is rarely dangerous, unlike the use of orthodox medicine.

Herbal medicine can be described as the most universal medicine for mankind. Herbs contain concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes plus an extra special factor which according to the nature of each plant renders them applicable to a wide range of illness.



The science and the art of homeopathy is even more specialized than the practice of herbal medicine. Although developed by Samuel Hahnemann late in the eighteenth century there are hints in ancient philosophies that the practices of giving the minimum dose date back many centuries. Homeopathy therapy is based on the premise of “like cures like”. The doctrine of similar has been echoed to some extent in the practice of immunization whereby the immune system is stimulated by the introduction of small amounts of the disease. To stimulate the production of antibodies against polio, small amounts of the living virus is given. In the practice of homeopathy small amounts of animal vegetable or mineral matter are given to stimulate immunity and to enhance the body’s energy causing toxic matter to be eliminated and organ function restored. Unlike immunization there are no side-effects apart from the transitory aggravation which indicates that the correct remedy has been given. Natural therapist treats the individual as a unique person who must be given the exact remedy which matches the total condition.


Natural Healing Remedies Bach Flowers

This safe and effective treatment was pioneered by a Harley street specialist named Edward Bach. Edward gave up a flourishing orthodox medical practice to find a more subtle form of treatment. Bach flower remedies are particularly suited to those people whose illness is related to emotional causes. The flowers are prepared by soaking in distilled or uncontaminated water and then preserved by adding brandy.

The remedy is selected by matching the known qualities of the flower to the emotional state that needs treatment. Bach flowers rarely produce any side effects or aggravation and because they are fairly simple to select and apply, they can be used to help people and they can produce good results. There are thirty eight flowers and each flower uses the vibration essences of the flowers to balance negative emotions.

To summaries it has been said that the major causes of illness are subtle factors beyond the physical and the Eastern psychologists have recognized this for centuries. Natural therapists recognize some of these factors and today a few scientists have begun to research the energies that affect the physical body. What some scientists have now realized is that orthodox medicine suppresses the illness but do not totally cure the illness. Whereas natural methods help the body to heal itself by replacing the vitamins and minerals the body needs, some of which I have discussed above.