Near Death Experiences

The near death experience can be vividly real. People recall a feeling of weightless, a bright light and the ability to see their own body below them.


The basics of near death experiences are probably familiar to all of you. When you clinically die for a short time your breathing and your heart stops and your brain shows no electrical activity, however, your consciousness continues and you undergo an incredibly blissful and exhilarating experience which is so powerful that you may not actually want to return to life, in some cases people can feel angry when they have been resuscitated.

A near death experience, first come about and was brought to the public attention during the 1970s by a psychologist Raymond Moody. However, examples have been recorded throughout human history, beginning with Plato’s account in the book The Republic of a Soldier.

This man was a soldier who apparently died in battle he was taken home to be buried, fortunately for him, he come back to life in the funeral parlor. He stated that while unconscious he had left his body and traveled to a strange country where he had seen other dead soldiers choosing their next life.

Studies have found that between 12 per cent and 43 per cent of people who have been clinically dead and then revived have had a near death experience. When they talk about the experience they begin by saying, they have a feeling of separation from their body in which they look down on themselves from above, followed by a journey through a dark passage towards a place of light.

There is a feeling of great peace and euphoria In some cases, there is a life review, in which all the events and experiences of their life flash before them. Often they say they meet deceased relatives or beings of light, who sometimes tell them it is not there time yet. The incandescent light that they see during a near death experience is the brilliant light of spirit force.

Other descriptions of a near death experience contains phrases such as a sense of euphoria which is accompanied by a feeling of being close to the source of light and love, time no longer mattered and space was filled with bliss. They find themselves bathed in radiant light and immersed in the aura of the rainbow, and there was no separation at all.

One theory that is now being put out by scientists is that a near death experience is just a hallucination. Perhaps some would say that this is correct, that it is our imagination and nothing but a hallucination. However, I believe this is a very weak theory, and you have to ask why are these kinds of hallucinations always the same?


Why tunnels?

Some would say the tunnel is symbolic representation of the gateway to another world. However, I have to ask why a tunnel and not a gate or a doorway? Why the light at the end of the tunnel? Why above the body, and not below it? However, do not get me wrong I have no objection to this theory that it is a hallucination. I only abject to the idea, that you can explain them by saying, “They are just hallucinations”.

To me this explains nothing. I must say I believe in near death experiences and what I have written here is my opinion, so I will now leave you to come to your own conclusion.