Ocean and the Dolphins Meditation

The Ocean and Dolphins Meditation. Close your eyes, see yourself walking along the ocean and listen to the dolphins as the sun shines down on the calm water.


I would like you to now imagine yourself by the ocean. As you look around, the sea looks very clean and blue, and the air is warm yet fresh. There are palm trees all around you and the sun gently warms and sooths your skin. The water is so vast that it stretches fairer than the eye can see. This could perhaps be the Bahamas, or Hawaii, or indeed anywhere else you wish.

As you slowly stroll towards the water, you feel the warm sand between your toes. You notice how perfectly crisp and clean the water appears as it splashes around your feet. The water feels pleasantly warm and soothing around your feet and ankles as you stride further into the sea.

With every step you take into the water, you feel deeper and deeper relaxed. You can smell the calming, healing properties of the water, and can taste its fresh salty flavor. In this beautiful location you feel perfectly safe and secure.

In the distance you see some friendly dolphins playing and calling to each other. You wait and watch as they jump out of the water, chasing each other around, and calling out to one another. You laugh out loud as you watch the dolphins jump high out of the water, splashing back in like a giant corkscrew. You feel at peace as you enjoy the antics of the dolphins.


After a while one of the dolphins notices you. The dolphin turns round and call you over with his friendly chirpy calls. Although you feel a little apprehensive, you feel safe, yet excited by the prospect of joining him.

You walk forward, going deeper and deeper into the water. And as you walk deeper and deeper into the water, you feel deeper and deeper relaxed as the calming waters sooth and warm your muscles.

And as you go deeper, you begin to swim towards the dolphin, which is still calling you and playing amongst themselves. The water is warm yet refreshing. You realize that the dolphins are further away than you thought, and you call out to them.

The dolphin senses this, and he begins to elegantly glide towards you through the clear blue waters.

When the dolphin arrives, the dolphin looks just as pleased and curious to see you, as you are pleased and curious to see the dolphin. As you look into the dolphins friendly eyes, you feel a sense of freedom and bliss. A sense of freedom and bliss that the dolphin possesses when enjoying the vast ocean as you move your head side to side, the dolphin communicates with you by moving his head side to side. He gently takes hold of one of your arms into his mouth, and softly chews it. All the while he friendly eyes are fixed onto yours. Bravely you reach into his mouth and touch one of his small sharp teeth. He opens his mouth wider and lets you feel his large tongue.

Gently you stroke his fins, tail and stomach, as he moves up and down like a dog, as if asking for more.
You exchange greetings before the dolphin turns round as if to indicate for you to hold on. You put your hands on to its smooth wet velvet like skin, and hold on. You can feel it breathing and its powerful muscles twitching as it begins to quickly, yet smoothly glide towards its friends, as you hold on. You travel so quickly that you almost feel like you are flying.
The other dolphins rush over to greet you. You smile as they nod their heads and splash about with excitement. You almost feel like you have personally known each of them for many years. You feel a little emotional as you realize what a magical and life changing experience this is.

One of the dolphins approaches you and puts her head in your hands. As you hug her, she begins to stand up and dance with you in the water.

You begin to swim towards another one of the dolphins. However, two more approach you from behind. As your legs straighten, they gently push your feet, helping you swim faster and faster. And as you glide faster and faster through the water, you begin to lift up, out of the water as the dolphins push you up high into the air. You enjoy the exhilarating feeling of being lifted up out of the water by the two dolphins, before falling back down with a large splash. As your head bobs to the surface of the water, the dolphins appear to be laughing with excitement.

Another of the dolphins begins bumping her nose on your chest to get your attention. As you look at her, she rolls on her back, presenting her soft stomach for you to scratch. As you scratch her stomach, she lets out soft high pitch squeals of pleasure and happiness.

Now you can continue to spend a few minutes enjoying the magic of, playing, petty, and watching the dolphins. Notice how this feels so natural. You can now wake up.

You may notice that when you wake, you feel refreshed, exhilarated, yet deeply relaxed and content.