Understanding how to organize your life and mind

How to Organize Your Life. Does it seem like there are not enough hours in the day, or dollars in the bank? Is your car usually running on empty, and your trash can full?


The road to achievement can be short, long or a dead end - the choice is yours. Yes I will repeat that - THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

It is a fact that all people either men or women can make a success of their life and can achieve great riches in both monetary terms and ultimate happiness. The truth is to obtain ultimate happiness you have to be rich in the monetary sense.


Let me explain this in further detail.

If you want to achieve a happy and fulfilled life you will need money to do it. You will want a new car. You will want a larger home. You will want to go on holiday. You will want to go to the Theatre. You will want new clothes. The list is endless. It is not greed, it is a natural human need, and it is in our nature, we always want more, we want the best, and we want to fill our world with beautiful things. To get the things we want, we need money. This makes us happy.

Do not pretend otherwise. The saying “I am happy with what I have” is used as an excuse for the under-achiever. Deep down they are usually envious of what other people have. The “I am happy with what I have” people are often the ones with the Lotto ticket in their hand watching the numbers roll out and hoping they will win.


How to Organize Your Life and Organize Your Mind!

Most people’s minds are like a rubbish bin; you open the lid and just throw things into it. You collect all your thoughts and just throw them into your mind all jumbled up. The successful person on the other hand has an organized life and mind. They will concentrate on obtaining what they want out of life. Everyday will be a day closer to obtaining that goal.

Nowadays, we are becoming more environmentally aware so we have to separate our rubbish. We have to put paper in one bin, coke cans in another, plastic in another and so on. Our rubbish is organized and placed into separate containers. Then when the container is emptied, we start to fill it again but only with the things that are meant to go into that container.

Of course if the containers were never emptied all the rubbish would fall out and would eventually mix with the rubbish from the other overflowing containers and would therefore become a jumbled rubbish bin again.

So, the first stage has now become clear we have to organize the rubbish in our brains into neat little containers and once finished with it, throw it away. There is a good reason why we have to do this. We want to concentrate on getting rich, on obtaining our goals, not spend our time sorting rubbish. So the first stage has to be, sort the rubbish once and for all.


This is how to organize your life and mind.

Take a pen and paper and firstly write down every worry you have at the present time .Secondly, write down everything you should have done but have not got around to. Thirdly, write down all that you owe and to whom. It does not matter if the same thing appears in more than one list.


Now look at the lists.

Firstly, you have to see if anything appears in more than one list. If it does, this is most possibly one of your main concerns; this is right at the top of your everyday re-occurring thoughts. This is most likely the thing or things you think about most. Everything else will be of less importance to you because of your “main concern”. Now the chances are your “main concern” is the thing that is stopping you from moving forward. You are bogged down by this “main concern”. Now you make another list, give it a heading “CONCERNS”.

Start at number one and list everything you have on your lists in order of concern. Number one will of course be your “main concern”. You now need to make another list, give this a heading of “I WANT”. Write down everything you want. This does not have to be only material things. Now to organize your life and minds work the first item on your list this will be the thing you want most and will progressively become less important the further down the list you go.

OK. What you have just done is to take all your thoughts of both “concerns” and “wants” and have written them down. You have taken all the rubbish in your mind, sorted through it and placed it into containers. In front of you, you have a list in order of priority and importance, your “concerns” as well as your “wants". You are looking at everything that at this present time is worrying you. You have also given thought to what you really want out of life.

Do not destroy these lists. They are going to form your course of action. When you get rid of a concern, cross it off the list, when you get a want, cross it off the list. Some of the items you have on either list could take a long time to cross off. But believe me, one day you will cross them off. If your mind is uncluttered with everyday rubbish you can work towards your goal of “wants” and remove your “concerns”. Now you know how to organize your life and mind.

It’s up to you how quickly you achieve this. You have to believe in what you are doing, you have to organize your mind. An organized mind knows what it wants and how to achieve it. Out Of Every Thousand People... The most organized person will achieve the most, do it faster with the least amount of effort AND have the most free time... Learn NOW how simple & easy it is to be that one in a thousand.