Out of Body Experiences Explained

Learn how to have an Out-of-Body Experience

Have you ever experienced the sensation of floating outside your body or departing from your physical body and watching yourself from outside of it? This unique sensation is called an out-of-body experience. One out of five individuals experiences this phenomenon.

People who have undergone out-of-body experiences (OBE) recall that they are often unaware of the sensation of being outside their physical bodies. Oftentimes, they are asleep or on the verge of sleep when an OBE happens. The sensation of floating outside the body usually does not last longer than a minute. Usually by the time the individual realizes that he is outside of his physical body, he is being pulled back into his body by an unknown force.

In many instances, an out-of-body experience occurs to people who are sick, exhausted from working, or undergoing extreme emotional stress, although this particular sensation has also been reported by people who have gone through a near-death experience, hypnopompic dream, mystical trance, or are under the influence of psychoactive drugs.

An out-of-body experience is unique to each individual. There are some who experience a spiritual epiphany after an out-of-body experience, while others leave with a feeling of peace and love. Some come out of the experience feeling anxiety and fear. Still, some go through an out-of-body experience and leave with no spiritual discoveries.

While most out-of-body experiences happen spontaneously, it can also be induced. Here is a how-to guide to achieve an out-of-body experience:


Get comfortable.

Spontaneous out-of-body experiences often start with a feeling of shaking or vibration. To get to this stage, one needs to relax. Lie down in a comfortable position and loosen your clothing and remove jewelry or accessories that can make you feel uncomfortable while lying down. Make sure the room temperature is comfortable. Breathe through your mouth.



Once everything is all set, you need to concentrate on reaching the hypnagogic state, which borders on sleep. You need to go deeper into this stage until you reach a point where you lose all awareness of your body and senses. Close your eyes and look into the blackness, concentrating on a spot above your forehead. Reach for the vibrations that are at the spot above your head, and make a mental move of pulling these vibrations into your head. Once you've reached this point, your body will start to vibrate. The goal is to control these vibrations into pulses, although for a first-timer, this may be difficult to do. Experts in out-of-body experiences suggest reaching out for an object that you can grasp, something that is normally out of your reach. You need to feel the object, allowing your hand to pass through it while stopping the vibrations then bringing the object back to you.


Lifting out.

This happens when you are ready to leave the physical body. To achieve this, you need to start thinking about weightlessness and the feeling of floating upward. Others get to this state by “rolling” over the bed, as though getting off it, and twisting the body until you face up and float to the ceiling. There are many other techniques one can use. With constant practice, lifting out will become easier.