Learning how to balance family life

It is not easy learning how to balance family life and work, but how well you manage this can make a significant difference to you and your relationship and children.

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How much quality time do you spend with your family? You may live with them, but with work, school, and all of your other responsibilities, your family may actually be falling by the wayside!

Sadly, family members are the ones we often neglect when things get busy or stressful. That's why spending more time with family has even become one of the most popular New Year's resolutions!


If you made that promise to yourself this year, are you living up to it? - Many people are not.

You know how tough it can be, trying to juggle quality time with long hours, tiring commutes, and never-ending work projects. Before you know it, the day is done and you have not said so much as a "how was your day?" to anyone you love!

People who work from home are not immune from these problems, either. Sure, you might be a few feet away from your kids - but the phone is ringing, emails are piling up, and clients are waiting. Chances are, you simply try to "occupy" your kids with other things while you try to be productive.

And, that desire to "occupy" your kids only gets bigger when they go off to school. Soon, spring break and school holidays go from being an opportunity for quality time - to a burden, where you simply need to keep everyone busy while you work.

Unfortunately, it can all take a toll on your kids.

Have you ever heard your kids say, "Mom, why do you not play with us anymore?" or "Dad, how come you are never home for dinner anymore?" Even if they are not saying it, they might be thinking it.


And your kids may be more than just lonely.

Many kids act out as a way to grab Mom and Dad's attention. To some kids, negative attention is better than no attention. If your child starts to misbehave, you will have no choice but to devote time to them. If your kids have started exhibiting behavioral problems, ask yourself if it's simply a case of them feeling overlooked.


So, how can you make sure to keep your family at the top of the priority list?

Remember that your kids will only be kids for a short period of time - a time that many parents say goes way too fast.
Make a conscious effort to take in every precious moment that you can.

And, remind yourself that no matter how stressful your job is, it's not more important than your family.

If you are not spending enough time with your family, now is the time to make a change - before it's too late!


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