Past Life Meditation

This meditation helps you see your past life. This a simple form of regression helping you to see the mistakes you have made so you can change now.


This meditation helps you see your past life. It is an opportunity to see one or two lives and establish a starting point, a place you can move forward from, and it is about your mind, that’s all. You will not go too deep with this, but deep enough to give you an insight.

Make yourself comfortable, sit somewhere you feel happy and content, switch off phones and remove anything that can cause you a distraction.

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Hold your breath and let it out, and as you do so, relax your shoulders and let that feeling flow down your entire body.

Imagine you are in a forest, any type of forest you like. Take notice of the trees, what the smells are like, what is the temperature and are there any animals around you?

Walk along the path that unfolds ahead of you. Follow it until you come to a large tree. It is usually an oak tree, but it can be whatever tree you want. As you look at the tree, you notice that it has a door in its base.

Go through the door when it opens for you. It takes you into a room; there is a black and white floor which is covered with herbs like rosemary and lavender that release their scent as you walk on them.

Move towards the back of the room where you will see a small alter which is covered with a simple white cloth. Burning in the center of it is a single blue flame.

Pause here and ponder on the journey you are about to take. Then look up and see three doors in front of you. Walk towards the door to your left.

As you approach, it opens and on the other side you see an orange globe, and a swirling light. Step inside it.

As you do so, the light begins to rise up taking you with it. Do not worry you are perfectly safe, just enjoy the peace and calm that surrounds you as you move through the either.

Gently you feel yourself land and almost as soon as you do, the light melts away to reveal a frozen landscape, a desert of ice and snow in which there appears to be another path ahead of you. This time it is covered with words, phrases, poetry and musical notes. Follow the path.

Ahead of you, there is an almighty rumble and in the near distance you see a giant library rise up from the ice. It is circular and surrounded by stairs leading up to pillars that have doors behind them.

Move towards the doorway you are drawn to. Walk carefully, but be sure of your intention. If you see other images, take note and go with them if it feels right. Move up to one of the doors and take note of what it is like. Are there any engravings on it? The door will open and you will find yourself in a hallway. Either side of the hallway there are artefact's from your past life. Have a look and try to remember some of them, as they too will offer you some clues.

Move towards yet another door at the back of the hallway and wait until your guide comes to greet you. Follow the guide to your book, thank the guide for their help, and turn your attention to the desk in front of you. Look at your book; is there a name on it? How does it feel?

The book now opens and reveals whatever it has to reveal to you. Allow about five minutes of silence to spend with your book. That may not seem long, but it will be ample and once you learn the route you can come back whenever you feel the need.

When you are ready to leave, allow your book to close and follow your guide out of the library. At the door thank your guide for the help and walk down your hallway once more; taking note of anything you might have missed on your way in.

Leave the library, go down the steps, and back to the light. Let it surround you and it takes you back into the room at the bottom of the tree. Walk out of the room and back into the forest. Follow the path and as you move along it, let it melt away and slowly bring your consciousness back to the here and now.