Past Life Regression and Life Progression

According to studies, if you want to have a fruitful future, you need to learn about your past life. Do you want to try PLR and FLP?


It seems that many individuals want to talk about past life regression and reincarnation. Many people are now getting interested on this subject… who would not be? Just the thought of having a past life makes people curious. If you want to find out if you had a past life, you need to undergo past life regression or PLR. Some people regress back to their childhood days but going back to a past life is even more exciting and fascinating. Through PLR, you will be able to re-live your previous life. You will discover how you died and perhaps some information in between. You can learn a lot of things from your past life that are somehow connected to your present.

If you try to browse through books in the library and in bookstores, you will discover that there are lots of books about regression therapy and reincarnation. Many people think that past life is a fanciful imagination and there are also those who think its a fraud. Before you judge PLR, why don’t you try it out?

Troubled patients who can’t seem to get the desired results with conventional medicine often turn to PLR therapy. Somehow these individuals are hoping that they will find the answers if they uncovered their past life. The western world still has a hard time believing in reincarnation but it’s slowly making its way through the market.

To prove that reincarnation is true, there are also books about children who claimed that they have somehow remembered their past lives. The children who suffered from violent deaths in the past and at present, they have birthmarks which indicate the wounds or death blows of their past lives. How can you explain such things? Are the marks just mere coincidence?

To be able to explore your past without many problems, you need to open your spirit and your mind. PLR sounds supernatural but if you try it out, you can increase your awareness about past life and reincarnation.

Many individuals who tried PLR are shocked of the revelations they found out. After some time, these individuals were able to find inner peace and wonderful well being. If you’re currently suffering from a health condition for some time now and you can’t find a cure or perhaps you’re dealing with a certain fear or problem, PLR might be able to help you. Some of the answer lies in the past. You should not forget about it but since your conscious mind is hindering the subconscious, you can’t remember a thing.

Past life regression is now well-known especially in religious countries. It seems that most religions believe in reincarnation; perhaps that it’s time to believe in it too. You will not lose anything if you try it out. After a PLR session, you can now decide whether you will believe in reincarnation or not.

If some individuals are interested in finding out about their past lives, there are also those who want to go to the future. Traveling to the future is a very exciting idea because you will eventually find out the good and bad decisions you have made. You will also know how to solve your present problems because you already know the solutions. Have you considered past life regression? According to studies, if you want to have a fruitful future, you need to learn about the past. Do you want to try PLR and FLP?

Most individuals tend to have a lot of ‘what if’s’ in their minds. Through past life regression, you can discover a lot of things that can be of great benefit to you. If you’re suffering from unexplainable conditions or problems, PLR might be the answer. Opposite PLR is FLP or future life progression. There are certain individuals who prefer to look into their future rather than their past. Certain individuals want to find out who they were able to marry, what kind of life they are living, and where they live. PLR and FLP are similar but at the same time different. The procedures used are quite similar for PLR and FLP; however, the former is focused on the past while the other one is focused on the future. The idea of FLP was based in RV or remote viewing. This ability to travel to other places using consciousness; CIA pioneered RV as a psychic espionage tool. This agency spent a huge amount of money in order to locate KGB spies, hostages, drug shipments, crashed planes, and many others. FLP is a less complicated process because you don’t need to be one of the CIA.


Past Life Regression

This method of discovering your past can be done through hypnosis although there are also non-hypnosis methods being employed by PLR therapists. The appropriate method to use can only be determined after you have talked with the therapist about the things that you want to know or find out about your past life. PLR therapists are available worldwide and you can easily find one living in your area through a quick Online search. Once you find a local PLR therapist, you can now start with the PLR sessions.


Future Life Progression

Discovering the past is just as important as knowing the future. If you have firm belief that the FLP therapist is a good one, then you can try it out. Those who have tried FLP sessions claim that they are able to lie a more fulfilling and successful life. There are also claims of talking to their future self which really helped in making present decisions. It’s up to you whether you will believe in these things or not.

No matter what other people say, the decision to go for a PLR or FLP therapy is a personal one. Don’t let others influence your decision. You will have a more memorable and exciting experience if you do the therapy willingly. You can choose any of the two procedures. Remember, it also involves a certain fee. Make sure that you can afford to pay for the services of the PLR or FLP therapist. It takes a few sessions before you get substantial information about your past or future; so try to choose a therapist who offers reasonable fees and at the same time, a reputable one. Or alternatively you can buy Past life hypnosis cd`s that can work just as well.