Past Life Regression leads to Success

Continuous studies on past life regression reveals that the past life of an individual can affect present life conditions.


The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage, well at least it seems that way. If you've been thinking you need to know more about it, here is your opportunity.

You present life is a continuation of your past life. Some individuals may believe in it but others might not. Still, continuous studies on past life regression reveals that the past life of an individual can affect present life conditions. So why consider a PLR therapy.

Firstly, you can benefit from learning your past. You see, the effects of the problems you have encountered in the past life may still be disturbing you at present. Through PLR therapy, you can work on the problems and somehow make positive changes in your present life.

Anyone can access their past life through the help of a PLR therapist. There are also ways to explore the past on your own but this may take time. There are certain exercises that can help you in exploring the past. Learn how the exercises are done and for how long.

You must have the desire to learn such exercises and that you’re patient enough to explore. In order to access the past life recollections, you need to relax.

Complete relaxation of the mind and body is essential. Once you start the exercises, you should focus your mind on discovering your past life. This should be your only thought. It would be impossible to get this the first time; just be patient.

Find a position where you can relax. You can either lie down or remain seated. If you prefer to sit down, make sure that you’re comfortable and relaxed. Do this in a quite place. Make sure that no one bothers you. You can do this at home, preferably in your room where no one can disturb you. You can even put up a sign on your door that says ‘do not disturb’. Prior to this exercise, you need to ensure that you slept well during the night so that you will not fall asleep.

People have different beliefs when it comes to spiritual guides. Ask the spiritual guide you believe in to guide you while you’re regressing. The spiritual guide should protect you when you’re conducting past life regression. You need to ensure that you don’t go beyond 45 minutes. If you want, you can set up the alarm for 45 minutes.

You must know the reason for doing PLR. It might be that you want to find answers to some of your questions or perhaps you simply want to find out important aspects in your past. When conducting the exercise, you should achieve total relaxation. Your mind and body should be relaxed. Once you’re in a relaxed state, you should now focus on entering the so-called ‘inner self’. Visualize stairs and at the bottom, a door. You need to walk slowly down the stairs. The door is the key to accessing your past life. When you reach the door, you can either sit down and rest or you open the door. There is no need to rush things. If you think you’re still not ready, just take a rest. When you’re ready, open the door slowly. Going down the stairs is only half of the experience and the other half will be discovering your past life.

Each individual is unique and you must accept this fact. You must be able to understand your past life during past life regression so that you can achieve success in your present life.


The Rationale of Past Life Regression.

Why should you even bother of discovering your past life when your present life is too much to handle? This is the common misconception of many people. You see, if you’re facing many dilemmas today, it may be connected to your past life. By re-opening your past life, you may be able to find answers.

I hope that the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

Here is a very good example. A certain wealthy individual is suffering from an unexplainable trauma. In his past life, he discovered that he was extremely wealthy and barbarians killed him. The trauma experienced by the individual is connected to his past. Unconsciously, his mind has associated wealth with death, which explains the trauma he is currently facing.

Women who are not comfortable in the presence of men especially in having sex may have been raped in their past lives.

A habitual eater may have been around during the Holocaust wherein thousands of people died because of hunger. At present, the individual is trying really hard to control his life and whenever he or she is in distress, eating too much is a natural tendency.

A greedy pirate in the past may find it hard to handle finances in the present life.

These are true examples of past life regression. These individuals were able to understand their present condition by simply subjecting themselves to PLR therapy. In fact, according to studies, health conditions may be rooted to the past life of an individual.

People suffering from asthma may have choked or drowned in the past. Those who suffer from back pain may have been shot or stabbed on the back. Healing may be possible through past life regression. If you have been undergoing medical check ups and programs for a long time but with no substantial improvement, perhaps it’s now time to consider PLR. Therapists claim that the memories of the past life lie on the unconscious mind of the individual. Oftentimes, wrong conclusions about the past are already imprinted in the subconscious and because of this; the present life is also affected. For instance, in your past life, your husband left you so in your present life you do not trust men. Another example is you were killed when the Romans attacked at night and so today, you associate darkness to danger.

This is the rationale of past life regression. All your fears today including some of your health conditions may be the result of wrong imprints in your mind. Discovering the past may be your only chance to correct things. When you’re rediscovering your past life, you will not remember anything once you’re conscious mind is back. The therapist will provide the details of the PLR sessions. Talk to your therapist and reveal your past, no matter how good or bad it is. You must learn to understand your past life so that you can better understand the present.

Is there really any information about past life that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.