10 steps to a solid self improvement plan

A self improvement plan is comprised of a series of steps that can be taken to improve your skills and abilities in order to make desirable changes to your life.


I hear you say, why plan?

If you are perfectly happy with your life as it is, you obviously do not need your own personal development plan. However, if there is something you need to change in your life now is a good time to develop your plan.

Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this, you would have started to mentally plan your life. I realize life does have a habit of coming up with the unexpected. However, hopefully through your own personal development plan you would have anticipated at least some of the unexpected that can happen in your life.

Would it be nice to have that vision or dream become your reality? Well if you follow your plan and you achieve your goals you can have it as a reality. Self-development, self-improvement and self-growth is not about getting it right every time, however, what is important is that you get what you want and that you change your life and that it works for you.

Your ideal plan should be simple, yet powerful. It should enable you to successfully achieve your dreams and achieve your goals. Whether your aim is to improve your thinking, your behavior, your feelings or whether you just want to add a new skill to your bow. Planning how to get there is the first and most important step in achieving your success and reaching your goals.

Here are ten steps to help you create Self Improvement and Self Growth by using your own personal development plan.


Start your development plan NOW.

The first and most important step is to decide that you are going to make your own personal development plan, and that you are going to see it through. Remember, it will help you change your life right now. You may not complete you planning today; however, you can make a start. It will take you sometime to get it just the way you want, however, the time you spend will be the most valuable time you ever spend.


Seek helpful advice.

When you are ready set your personal goals. Once you have done this you can then seek advice from family and trusted friends. The reason for this is that they can be a great source of wisdom.


Start your change.

Just like the world around you, you too need to change, however, you should not do this just for the sake of, you need to do it because you want to create your life plan. Remember, there is good change and there is bad change. Good change comes from careful planning; bad change is often linked to a lack of planning. This is when you just let your daily live drift on. By creating your own personal development plan you will have more influence over the changes that influence you life.


Making the plan.

This means deciding today to take charge of the rest of your life. What you plan now will affect the rest of your life. Choose to make this planning time the most important part of you life, remember it will change you life. What you plan and do today will influence who you are tomorrow. Make it personal! For example, I will be… I plan to achieve success… and by the end of (place a month here) I will have.


Set your goal a little higher.

However, do not set your goals too high or you may become discouraged when it all seems too hard. However, do not set it too low either because without some challenge there is often not much change. Set the goal at a challenging height. Whatever you set your personal goal at; you need to set yourself up for success along the way. To keep success coming you need to keep your goals at a challenging height.


Start to enjoy the journey.

There will be many paths that make up your journey to Self Improvement and Self Growth and when you choose, choose the paths you like most. Do things that appeal to you and change your life so you can gain enjoyment and achieve success. Choose people you like to be with and who can help you along the way. Build new friendships with those you do not know well and deepen the friendships with those you already know.


Do not stop moving.

On your journey there will be some rough patches. However, you need to keep going and not give up when you get these less desirable patches. Keep your goal in mind, focus on completing this step, and maintain your momentum and you will be through it sooner than you think, all this will be worth it so you can achieve success.
Self-improvement and self-growth really is a life-long journey. There are many places along the way where you can spend time allowing you to enjoy all that life has to offer. It is a journey to be taken at high speed, and a journey of many steps, each of which provides an opportunity. It will also bring you happiness and a better life.


What is your intention?

Your thoughts form a powerful image of whom you are and who you can become. Be sure to keep your thoughts in line with your goal. Do you really want what it is, are you saying yes? If you are saying yes and you want to complete a marathon yet you hate running, then your thoughts will be undermining your plan. Work out what you are thinking, toss out what is working against you and keep what is working with you. Once you and your thoughts are on the same page you will have your own development plan in action and your progress will change your life.


Going forward.

You will achieve success with each step you take towards your goal. When you are ready you could help and encourage others in their own personal development plans. If they do not have a plan, suggest to them that it might be something worth doing. By building up the lives of others you will begin to grow and develop faster.


Take one step at a time.

If all this seems too much to take in right now, remember, that man stepped onto the moon after many thousands of smaller steps were taken on the journey towards successful space travel. Break your goals into smaller steps that can be written into a diary or worked into your daily routine.

Remember, Self Improvement and Self Growth is nothing more than a series of small steps which, when taken in order, will move you towards your goal and allow you to achieve success now. Please take full advantage of the resources on self improvement and self growth you will find within the pages of inthe6th.com.