Having the power to think positive

Negative thoughts drain your energy. The more you give in to them, the stronger they become. However, when you think positive you gain a different outlook on life.


Your journey to how to be positive and happy is a lifetime’s journey and there will be lots of fine tuning along the way. One important thing to believe in is that you have the right to happiness, and without this belief you cannot and will not achieve happiness.


Here are eighteen steps showing you how to think positive.

Create opportunities and luck will follow: In order for good things to happen, you have to send the right signals out to others and to yourself. You cannot just sit on your arse and wait for positive things to happen, you have to show that you are worthy of them. A person who succeeds actively sets out to create opportunities. They do not always know exactly what they want, however, they do not let that stop them, and they just keep trying until they find it.


Focus on yourself:

You have an obligation to yourself to make your life the best and productive self focus is the key. It is not about being selfish. It is about recognizing your right to think about yourself and your needs. This will help you attract opportunities.


Have a vision:

Vision is essential when you want to think positive. Bring positive thoughts into success. Having a vision is not just day dreaming it is having a clear mental picture of what you want out of life. You must believe in your vision as nobody else will do it for you. You are the one with the vision and you have the power to bring it to life. You need to act on the success you want, in order to make it happen, self-belief plus vision of success leads to opportunity. With opportunity comes confidence and with confidence comes success. Both of these combined lead to even greater success.


Make space for your dreams:

You have to make space for what you want and show yourself and others that you are serious if you do not ask, you do not get. In order to ask for something, you have to make room for it in your life. In other words, you have to create the space that allows opportunity. No matter what other responsibilities you have in life, the one to yourself is just as important.


Let go of self-imposed limitations:

Many of your limitations are a result of your upbringing therefore, they can be hard to leave behind. These are only parameters that you set yourself, and in doing so, you will make them your realty. Changing your behavior means undoing years of conditioning and altering your views about what you can achieve. It means liberating yourself from the past and ultimately becoming more comfortable with who you are. Remember in think positive this is the key.


Do not depend on others for approval:

It is great if others happen to give their approval, however, do not go around looking for it. You simply cannot rely on others to provide your sense of self-worth. They will not always tell you what you want to hear. They are not always going be there for you. They are not you. Remember, that you have to fulfill your obligation to yourself. Remember, you only have one life and if you do not follow your desire whose life are you really living.


Live the life you are living it is the one that matters:

You are not doing yourself any favors if you dissipate your energies worrying about what has gone before. You cannot do anything about past mistakes and you cannot change them. Therefore, dwelling on what might have been is taking up time that you could be using elsewhere. It will also stop you moving forward. It will make you unhappy, angry and frustrated. That’s why you need to think positive. You cannot change the past, nevertheless; you can do something about the present. The ability to live in the here and now is one of the secrets to how to be positive and happy. Think positive and success will then follow.


Think like a strong person:

There are no strong or weak people. People who you see as stronger just see things in a different way. When things go wrong, you need to survive the episodes and how you do that depends on how you choose to view them. You are not a victim, so do not spend too much time trying to analyze the problems.


Be grateful for what you have:

Your loved ones might already know you love them, however, just to make sure why not tell them. Do not take these things for granted. Be grateful for what they have given you. Remind yourself how grateful you are for the things you have and the people that have helped you. Do not constantly ask “is that all there is” If you think like that, it just might be. If you are not able to see the joy in what you have, to think positive will mean nothing.


Do talk to strangers:

The world is no more or less evil than it ever has ever been. The majority of people are decent and good and are not out to get you. A stranger is often a friend in waiting. Do not be afraid to acknowledge them and make connection with them. Someone has to start the conversation. A human being who does not have contact with others soon disintegrates into despair, becoming selfish and lonely along the way. Do not let your fears or inadequacies keep you from connecting with the world. Engage with others in a positive way, whether it is your neighbor your community or someone you have met, this is the difference between existing and really living. By being positive and being happy will help you attract people that are the same.


Do not compare yourself to others:

Do not undermine your efforts by comparing yourself with others. Constantly looking at what others are doing is not the route to self-acceptance. Yet accepting who you are is one of the most important and liberating things, you can do for yourself. Just because good fortune smiles upon a neighbor or colleagues, it does not mean bad fortune is looking down on you. The two situations are not part of the same equation. Your moment will come; however, if you are too busy looking at what others have, you may miss out on yours.


Accept that not all life is perfect:

Strive to make the most of what you have physically, mentally and emotionally. Do not waste energy on comparing your life with that of others. Everything in life has its trade offs. A life that looks enviable and fabulous on the outside has its own problems. Others are not having a better time than you; they probably have the same insecurities. In fact, they probably think you are having a better time than they are.


Do not expect too much money:

Money is money. It is compensation for everything else. No amount of money can bring you emotional happiness. Believe me, I know people with money, and they are often unhappy. Money is nice to have, however; it should not be the sole reason that you strive to achieve. Money does not always bring happiness or make you positive.


Be proud of what you have done so far:

Do not shout from the rooftops about your success, however; you are entitled to be proud of what you have achieved. Remember, you are comparing you with you this is not boasting.


Play to your strengths:

Concentrate on your skills and attributes these are the ones that come easy to you and that you enjoy. If something is right for you whether it is a job or a relationship you will not have to struggle to make it work. If you try to squeeze yourself into something that is not meant for you, it just will not work. Getting it right means working out what really matters to you first of all. Be true to yourself and do the very best you can, no matter what you do. Not only will others appreciate you more, you will appreciate yourself more.


Remember, you are here for a good time, not for a long time:

Life is short and that is reason enough not to allow negativity to dominate. I understand that negativity is part of life however; you do not have to dwell on it. You may also need to think about distancing yourself from negative people. Negative people simply cannot and will not think positively, no matter what happens. These people are not good for you. They will not only suffocate your ideas, they will also suffocate you. You need to remove yourself from them. Once you do this you will see things change in your life. You know how to be positive and happy.


Use criticism constructively not destructively:

Making a relationship better, be that at work or at home requires that you learn to give criticism in a constructive manner. Constructive criticism should leave the recipient feeling thoughtful and motivated, not devastated. Remember, character assassination says more about your character than the other person. You become what you practice, and if you practice being spiteful, even to people who do not know that you are doing it, means you will become a negative person yourself.


Seek out new points of view:

If you want to learn how to bring about change in your life, you need to develop flexibility; you need to look at all situations from a different point of view, this will help you learn something new. You should condition yourself not to be stubborn and resistant to new ideas. Once you have done this you will be better prepared when coping with change.

Memorize this:
I am a special person.
I am allowed to be happy in what I do.
I am allowed to consider my own happiness as well as that of others.
I am allowed to do all this without feeling guilty.

Say these to yourself at least once a day, and believe in yourself to carry them through.

Now that you have read all nineteen tips, you should understand how to think positive is your right. At this point I need to make it clear that none of this is prescriptive, so please do not think you have to take all this on board at once.

Start by picking out five things that you want to do and become comfortable with them, then when you are ready move on bit by bit. Your journey to being positive and thinking positive is a lifetime’s journey and you will do lots of fine-tuning along the way. This is known as self growth and self improvement.

I would like to leave you with a simple observation on life, which I believe to be important. The challengers you face everyday do not make you who you are, they just reveal who you are. Never forget that you have a fundamental right to love, to be loved, to be successful and to be happy. So you now know how to think positive.