Positive thinking is described as the power to change

Here is a six-step process you can follow to make your life Positive.


Changing you life from negative to positive, starts here with positive thinking. The first thing to do is create a list of goals. Remember this list should be goals that are positive, do not go over past events.

All too often, what starts out, as a positive exercise in forward thinking, becomes an energy draining exercise in agonizing over past failures. How many times have you tried and failed to change your life? Why not try something a little different. How about shifting your focus from what you did not do, to what you actually did do and start building from there.

Many people have a hard time giving themselves credit for what is working in their lives. We all have a habit of beating ourselves up, blaming ourselves for what is not right, and what is not working. All that negativity requires a huge amount of energy. It tires you out, drains you of joy and blocks out any sense of hope and well-being for the future. It completely obscures a great deal of the good you have going for you. Start here with you positive thinking steps.

Here is a six-step process you can follow to support you in changing your life from negative thinking to positive thinking giving you a joyous new attitude.

Make a list of all the things you have done so far this year. Think about the things you are proud of, all the areas where you moved forwards thereby bring change into your life. List the things you are grateful for in your life and how you contribute to those around you.

Add to your list what you appreciate about the things you have accomplished. Congratulate yourself for these noteworthy accomplishments. Do not get caught up in focusing on what you have failed to accomplish.

Take inventory of your negative thoughts and feelings. What are you hanging on to that is draining your energy? What resentments are you holding on to? What are you angry about? Who are you angry with?

Why are you angry with yourself? What are your regrets? Write down all the specific negative emotions you can identify, do this on as many pieces of paper as it takes.

Make a conscious choice to release these negative emotions. Declare your intention with clarity of conviction by stating aloud, “I release my anger, resentments and regrets, I forgive myself, and others, for past mistakes and imperfections, I open my heart to a positive thinking giving me a different outlook on life”.

Decide how you would like to feel about yourself, your life and the people around you. Sometimes you can become attach to negativity; this is because nature abhors a void. The next step is to fill that void with positive thoughts about your life and positive feelings. Notice how you start to feel just by positive thinking.

Create an energizing life plan. What kind of quality of life would energize you? How can you create more time for the things you value the most? What can you say “no” to? What do you want to do to take care of yourself that would be nurturing and soul satisfying? What could you do to bring more intimacy or sense of connection to your important relationships? What things could you make a part of your life that would create more satisfaction, balance and well-being? Take a holistic view of your life and create a written plan that will energize you to take action.

By answering the questions and doing the activities outlined in the six-steps above will guide you to changes and make your life positive. Changes that come from a place of heart-felt desire, along with clarity of your desired outcome in terms of the quality of life you are seeking, will naturally give you greater momentum for success than changes motivated by harsh recrimination. Treat yourself with kindness, acknowledge and celebrate the good in your life and the important things, you have accomplished. Let go of negativity and enjoy your new attitude and have a life of positive thinking.


What matters most?

This is a tough question to answer, I am sure if you ask yourself what matters most to you in your life you would be able to tell me very quickly. However, if you thought about it, the way you prioritize your time truly reflects what matters most to you. If you are like most people there is so much competing for your attention that it is easy to get caught in the wrong things. This leaves you feeling disappointed or empty because you have not truly focused on positive thinking.

Here are a few ideas for helping you find you way to positive thinking and what matters most.

Make a list of all the areas of your life, family, personal, spiritual, physical, health and career general categories will do fine.

Write down one single personal heartfelt priority in that area for you. For example, under family your singular priority may be too be happy and to have a cheerful home. A physical health priority might be to exercise. Yes, I know there are many things to choose from, but for the purpose of this exercise, choose the one priority that speaks to your heart.

Now you have your list of priorities. Start from this week, every time you choice how you spend your time, I want you to consult this list. If it does not fit fewer than one of your priorities, I would like you to take a minute to evaluate it. If you feel compelled to do it, are you willing to forfeit another priority on your list in order to do so? So often, you “think” something is a necessity when it really is not.

Now that you have developed a more conscious attitude towards your time commitments and how they reflect your priorities, use this newfound knowledge to help you get to what matters most and leave the urgent but unimportant behind. Once you work on what matters you will find you are working on making your life positive.

This is not a foolproof exercise. Really, it is just a way to help you make choices about what matters most to you. It is also a way to help you become more conscious about how you spend your time. If you find that the way you spend your time is in conflict with what really matters to you, then you have some decisions to make. You can either change what matters to you or change how you spend your time.

By completing this exercise, you will often find out that what you are doing is devoting the lion share of your time to nothing that matters to your heart. However, by facing the challenges you are re-aligning your time with the important issues. Sometimes the choices may be difficult, however, the reward is a happy spirit and a fulfilled heart, and that is what makes life worth living. Once you make your life positive you can and will achieve success this in turn will create wealth for you. By having a positive outlook on life will completely change your life whereas by starting in the negative will only keep you where you are now. I know what I would prefer to do start positive thinking now.

So change your life and achieve success now.