The Power of Your Dreams

Your dreams are formed from the main focus of your life at the time you have them. You could say the power of the intellect is the power of focus.


The power of Dreams is a mental activity (thoughts, images, emotions) these all occur during sleep. Most dreams happen in conjunction with rapid eye movement better known as REM. This period of sleep takes about 20% to 25% of your sleep time. A young child dreams this way about 50% of their dream-time.

You will have little difficulty in finding examples of anxiety dreams or wish-fulfillment dreams. You may not be aware of your desire or fear until you were awakened by your dream. Sometimes your symbolic dreams are so clear, that you do not need outside assistance to help you understand the meaning. Yet other dreams may be so strange, irrational or bizarre, that you are at a loss to find meaning for them.

The power of Dreams show you the interior landscape of your mind, the contours of your fears and wishes. The power of Dreams can be warnings or indications, beckoning you to a new level of learning or a new aspect of life that you need to learn to face. The journey towards greater authenticity and inner connectedness is not only an external adventure. You need to move out into the world, utilizing your gifts and make your dream real .

At the same time, you need to face your inner demons whether they are fears, failure or humiliation, they could even be repressed rage, narcissism or even an excessive mistrust of people. Dreams especially recurring dreams may invite you into this inferno, reminding you of the inner work before you.

Carl Gustav Jung once said, “Everything that takes place at a particular moment in time has a quality associated with that moment”.

Everybody dreams regardless of where you are your upbringing or your personal opinions. Many of us do not recollect our dreams. When we wake up, we would normally feel re-energized. Sometimes you can wake up feeling exhausted or tired, this is due to the type of dream you may have had during the night. The number of dreams you have during your sleep varies from person to person.

When you fall into a deep sleep, it is because you body is exhausted, this could be physically or mentally. When you are exhausted, your body requires an immense amount of energy, which you can retrieve from a deep sleep.

There are many factors that help you dream, these include your sleeping posture, the garments you wear, the type of food you have before you sleep, room temperature and the amount of alcohol you have consumed. These factors can modify the true meaning of a dream into something else. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that all dreams are projections and these in turn are of different types.

The most frequently asked question I receive is if you can control your dreams. The only answer I can give you is that I believe that you can influence your dreams to some degree. However, in order to do this you need to clear your mind, have no negative emotions and you should be completely relaxed before you go to sleep.

These are brief descriptions of the power of dreams.

Lucid Dreams

This from of dreaming generally happens when you realize during the course of a dream that you are dreaming, perhaps because something strange or unexpected occurs. This type of dream may reveal personal information as you observe the way the dream is developing through the expression of your feelings. A lucid dream may develop directly or indirectly. Sometimes during lucid dreaming, you loose concentration for a brief period.


Ordinary Dreams

You create this type of dream. It shows the reality you want. Dream reality is removed from physical reality as a prearranged series of events in which you play a role. The best example I can think of is being an actor in a movie. However, there are different variations of ordinary or common dreams, which differ due to personal desires or influential substances within the body.

Here is another example. If you are using a prescribed drug or medicine due to an illness, this might have side effects that the body is not accustomed to. When you dream it may change the entire meaning of an experience. Ordinary dreams are influenced by your individual personality and your desires.



A nightmare can often be upsetting or frightening. Nightmares should not be taken literally, as they may only be warning for a potential event. However, nightmares may also occur due to a preoccupation with solving a problem or sometimes you could experience the side effects of a medicine you may be taking. There are certain foods that can trigger nightmares, cheese is a well know one. You may have had bad experiences in your past that are recalled by your subconscious mind in the present, through nightmares. Nightmares are very different from reincarnation dreams that contain negative experiences.


Spirit Guide Dreams

When you are having an ordinary dream and some of the characters are protecting you, this often shows that your spirit guides are contacting you. Protection may take shape through a helping hand or communication. The entities in these dreams are in fact your guides, which you have throughout your life whether you are psychic or not, because everyone has a guide. When communication takes place, you do not feel scared or shy, as subconsciously you know them from other realities.


Universal Archetype Dreams

Because we all belong to the same origin, a person may have the same dream as another due to the universal consciousness we all share.


Astral Projection

Astral projection is also referred to as OBE (out of body experience). When your astral body separates itself from the physical self and you can travel to places and events. There are many reports of people watching over their bodies, especially if they were in hospital.


Psychic Dreams

Psychic dreams come in four different areas.

Prophetic dreams or veridical dreams are dreams that have a definite impact on you as you remember them quite vividly. They can represent future events.

Telepathic dreams are when the dreamer receives information from another person, either living or dead, but pertaining to the present. This message can often come from a distance.

Reincarnation dreams are about past life where you might see yourself in places or with people that are not familiar to you now. These dreams differ from mystical experiences, as they are normally in black and white.

Clairvoyant dreams are a type of dream that allows the dreamer to perceive things beyond the natural range of senses, which trigger extrasensory perception known as (ESP). In other words, the dream creates a keen intuitive understanding of places or events related or unrelated to the person. Never underestimate the power of dreams.