Unleash the power of thought for success

Discovery the power of thought, thought power is the key to creating reality. Everything you perceive in the physical outer world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of your thoughts.


Abundance is a state of mind. You create it with your thoughts. I am not saying that by just sitting there and day dreaming you will become successful or rich. To say so would be plain stupidity. However, I do believe that your reality is a projection of your thoughts that are in harmony with yourself and your actions.

Your thoughts have a power of their own. If you can understand and utilize them properly, you can accomplish a lot more in your life. Your thoughts and your state of being go hand in hand and together they create the experiences you call life. Positive thoughts create a positive life bringing you rich rewards. Negative thoughts do the same thing in a negative way.

It is very true that you create your own reality. No one else does it for you. Others can interfere with your life in a limited way. However, they cannot do so without your permission or willingness. The healing thoughts that come to you from outside also can work upon you only with your permission, when you are in a state of receptivity, and you are willingly seeking some help from someone or somewhere. The power of thought will change your life.

Otherwise, you build your life completely on your own, with your thoughts, ideas, your goals and desires, your feelings and emotions, your fears and expectations and your behavior and actions. Others come into this drama through your thoughts only. If you know how to make your thoughts work for you, you will accomplish much more in your life.

Now ask yourself, what type of mind do you have? What types of thoughts come and go? What type of radio station is it and how much control can you exercise over it? Does it regulate you or do you regulate it? Can you control its movements and protect yourself from the impact of negative thoughts and the flow of negative energy? If you are truly interested in finding lasting solutions to the problems of your existence, these are valid and relevant questions that you need to answer sincerely.

This may not help you to deal with every situation in your life. However, it will suggest how you change your life by using the power of thought. A room that is full of roses is bound to emit the fragrances of the roses.

Your mind is not much different from the rooms that you have in your home, just as you keep those rooms, clear and organized; you have to keep your mind clean and organized. With thoughts that build, and that bring you fresh breeze of peace and harmony, not those gusts of wind that shake your life, causing you pain and suffering, disturb your mind or interfere with your progress.

If you think about it, all projects that you undertake in your live begin first in your mind as a thought. They come into existence only when you give your thoughts and actions enough energy through determination and perseverance. Otherwise, they remain as either mere wishes or unfinished tasks. When you create something new, you are actually transforming your energies from one state to another or from one form into another.

The physical laws of energy are very much the same in the mental realm. In accomplishing a task, you convert your mental and physical energies or resources into the things you desire. In doing things and achieving things, you actually trade with your energies. Your success or failure depends upon the successful transformation or trading of these energies.

Therefore, before you expect your undertaking to be successful, you must pour into it your energies and resources, not necessarily yours only, but of others as well. Through the magic of your thoughts, you can seek the willing co-operation of others also. However, you cannot do this by forcing others with your thoughts, but by making yourself more amenable and acceptable so that you can influence them in a persuasive way for the common good of all.

The power of thoughts, can give a definite shape to your efforts and with the power of your sustained efforts; you can bring your thoughts to the surface.

This is the underlying mechanism in any successful accomplishment. What you call the planning stage in any venture, is actually a mental exercise during which you give a mental shape to the project with your thought energies and you can then prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Your thoughts are therefore your true asset, the raw material with which you build wealth, the source of all your possibilities and accomplishments. To build something in the physical world, you need to build it successfully in the mental world. If you can think clearly and be confident on any project, you stand a chance of success in your life. By using the power of thought, you can set into motion what you truly desire. By empowering your thoughts, you can create the reality you want.

The secret of your life is that you shape, by the combined power of thoughts, your desires, and your actions. If you aim for something in your life with determination, you will achieve it.

You cannot change the course of the moon or the sun; however, you can change the course of your life. You may not be able to make the sun shine on you whenever you want it to; however, with positive thoughts and aspirations you can pour light into your heart and mind and bring sunshine into your life. Your thoughts awaken the energies necessary for you to accomplish things. Since your thoughts are energies, you must know how to deal with them correctly. If you truly want to accomplish some goals in your life, follow this technique.

Think of your goals repeatedly, visualize as clearly and as vividly as possible the end as well as the process of achieving it. Prepare yourself mentally for the task ahead and start investing your physical and mental energies in your plans to make them come true. Believe that you have the power of thought and with that, belief sets upon accomplishing your goal. This is the most effective way of making things possible for you. There is no magic wand other than this, with which you can change things in your life.

Without “YOU”, there is no success. In addition, “YOU” means many things, your thoughts, your subconscious, your feelings and emotions, your beliefs, your expectations, your goals your ability to control and regulate your thoughts. Your capacity to withstand adversity, your ability to learn from your failures, the strength of your purpose, your integrity, your inner balance, your sense of appreciation, your character, your love for the world in which you live, your ability to learn and your ability to get along and adjust yourself. Together they help you to become what you want to be come and what you want in your life.

These differences exist because of the different ways in which people harbor thoughts and put then to use. It is for you to decide which direction you should go and with whom you should get involved. If you learn to look at yourself in terms of energies and accept your energies as your true assets, and if you learn to use them intelligently and efficiently, you will reach you goals by using the power of thought.