Understanding Psychic Predictions

The art of psychic predictions is not that unusual, we all make predictions all the time however, we are very unaware we do.


The art of psychic predictions is not that unusual, we all make predictions all the time however, we are very unaware we do. For example, if you let go of an object you are holding, it will fall to the ground.

Obvious is it not.

To make psychic predictions, which are more complex, the same basic principle applies; you just need to pay more attention to them consciously. A large part of these skills are about observing and integrating the information you have gained from observing. There are several approaches that can be used to make psychic predictions.

By learning how things work, you learn about their inner structures and their feedback mechanisms. If you see through the feedback mechanisms clearly you will be able to say how they change there direction. As long as the structure you observe does not collapse due to more change than it can handle, you can make accurate predictions about it.

It is also useful to identify which states of being are balanced and stable, and which are unbalanced and unstable. Depending on the time-frame in which you observe, stable states last longer and are more likely to have an end result, whereas unstable states do not last and change quickly.

You may think that what I have explanation sounds like a scientific way of making predictions rather than psychic predictions. However, they do have a lot in common.

Let me explain the difference between scientific predictions and psychic predictions. A scientist will try to stay objective and distance from their theories as mush as possible. Whereas a psychic prediction is a person who has achieved a considerable, amount of connection with their inner-self or their sub-conscious self. A psychic can enter a room and sense either what has taken place or what will take place. They can sense if a person is happy or sad. You may be a person who knows who it is at the door when the doorbell rings, or you may know who is on the phone before you answer it. These are inherent qualities present within all of us. However, the psychic has developed these qualities either consciously or unconsciously.

Psychic predictions therefore can often be quite startling and clear and can provide an individual with insight into a situation. These abilities are the function of certain chakras within the body. For example, the third eye chakra gives you the gift of clairvoyance. Once the chakra becomes active, you will begin to possess these capabilities.

Many eastern mystics spend a considerable amount of time in meditation. These activities can also serve to calm the mind and open or activate the chakras. Western mysticism also has a variety of processes whereby a person’s psychic capabilities are activated or enhanced. However, both these methods require a lot of dedication and practice. See if you can make a psychic prediction for this year. Write one down and look back next year to see if you psychic prediction comes true.