How psychic protection shields you from negative influences.

We can all benefit from psychic protection. This protection shields you from negative influences and is vital for anyone wishing to do psychic readings.


Do you find that certain people and places drain you of energy? Perhaps leaving you feeling sad or down.

The need for psychic protection is increasing. Because of the negative world, we all live in. If you are a sensitive person, you will suffer in ways that you never expected to. Even if you are not a sensitive person, you will experience more stress and down moments.

The answer to psychic protection is simple. It is all about keeping healthy. If you are a person with a robust constitution, you are less likely to pick up negative energy from others. If you keep your aura (the electric field around your body) strong and clear, negative energy will bounce off. As always having a healthy diet, having rest and using relaxation exercises will help to keep you well.

There are many types of negative energies, just as there are many positive energies. Negative energies and negative people attract negative energies and negative people whereas positive energies and positive people attract positive energies and positive people.

Negative people will also attract negative guides who feed off energy and emotion, just as positive people attract positive guides, who feed off the vibrations of joy.

These positive and negative guides help you attract more experience that will create the type of emotions within you that feed particular frequency and vibrational energy.

Negativity creates a very low vibration that attracts negative energy and negative experiences. This negative energy can continue to spiral downwards bringing in lower vibrations of energy, such as anger, rage and depression. These lower frequencies become like a black hole that suck everything into it, and sucks the life force and joy out of everything and everyone around it. Negativity can bring everyone around it down.

Negative people can steal power, energy and joy from you. If you feel discomfort in your solar plexus (located at the basic of your ribs) when you are with someone or talking to someone that person is robbing your power by attempting to intimidate you, overpower you, manipulate you or control you. To correct this, place your right hand over your solar plexus immediately as this helps you regain your power, your center and your balance, then take a step back so you can move away from their energy field. Sometimes you may feel discomfort in your lower abdomen; it is warning you that you need to use your psychic protection.

If someone has a lot of negative energy, it is usually because they are filled with a tremendous fear or anger, this shows the person is in pain and feels vulnerable. In this case, they are using negativity to push others away. If you get angry or upset at a negative person or situation, you are only contributing to the negativity by empowering it with your energy. You are feeding it with your negative thoughts and emotions; this is how negativity grows and persists in the world.

Above all, it is important not to take negative energy on. Being around negative people can and does drain you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Negativity sucks the life force out of you and for this reason, it is important to use psychic protection. You can place psychic protection around you by envisioning a bubble of light around you everyday and throughout the day. Do this when you are around negative people, negative energies or uncomfortable situations.

The way to really overcome negativity is to rise above it, shake it off and choose light thoughts and light emotions. Laughter is the fastest way to raise your vibrations, so try to find some humor in any given situation. The world is full of humor if you do not take life personally or seriously, every situation you encounter can have a humorous and positive side, if you are willing to look for it. Joy and being positive promotes well-being.

To help you with psychic protection, there is an exercise you can use called closing down your aura, this will help you fight negative energies. If you are just starting to give psychic readings this is an important exercise to do. However, you do not have to be psychic to get results from it.

First, focus your attention on the brow center. See the light getting dimmer and darker. Imagine the flower of the lotus closing and the door shutting over the center. Feel the light drop downwards through the throat centre. The light fades, the petals close and the door shuts. Now drop the light through the heart centre. The light fades, the petals close, and the door shuts. Drop the light down through the solar plexus. The light fades, the petals close, and the door shuts. Drop the light down through the spleen center. The light fades, the petals close and the door shuts.

Finally, the base center. does not close completely. See the light here fade until it is just a small red light link a creak of light through a partly open door.

Now focus your attention on the crown centre. that is open. As before, let the golden light stream through the top of your head and out of your fingertips and toes.

Now fill the inside of your body with liquid golden light that pours in from the crown cen re. Fill yourself up with golden light energy from the toes to the top of your head. Now close the crown centre. The light fades and the colors darken.

Now visualize two great iron doors closing over your head.

Now visualize yourself wrapped in a dark hooded cloak all over your body. The light cannot get in or out. Your aura is now closed and you have full psychic protection from all negative energies.

Everyone can benefit from using some level of psychic protection in their lives, however if you work with many people, particularly with vulnerable people, or as a psychic healer or reader then you should build psychic protection into your daily routine.