Understanding types of Psychic Readings

Understand the different psychic readings and how the reader should conduct themselves. A Psychic or Medium can contact spirit offering messages of love.


A Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant can contact those of the spirit world offering messages of love and helping to give evidence of the after life.

There are a variety of techniques and names used for working with this special gift.



A Medium is a messenger that can bring you closer to your loved ones that have past-over.
They can also give you proof of your past, present or future.



A Clairvoyant can see, hear and sense things that others can not see with the naked eye. A Clairvoyant uses their third eye.


Psychic Mediums.

A Psychic Medium uses a combination of both clairvoyance and mediumship.


Tarot Cards.

Can be used as a tool to read what the future might hold for you it can also give you proof of things that have happened already in your life.


Psychic Information.

As a psychic, I do not have the power to change things or solve your problems. I am still human and I simply use an enhanced ability that everyone has. Do not forget you are given your own free will and only you have the power to change your life and make decisions that are right for you.

No psychic can be 100% right, because of your free will and your choice of options along your life’s path. As a psychic, I may predict something that might happen to you because I sense, feel, see or know because of my guides at the time of a reading. If you or someone else in your life decides to do something a little different, it causes a domino effect on the outcome of your reading.

I have known some very good psychics who will only use their ability in truth and integrity. They have high moral ethics and practice with a deep sense of inner strength, spirituality, love and care for their clients.

Here are a few things to keep an eye on when you visit a psychic; a true psychic will not use any of the statements below.


A True psychic will not …..

* Make you come back for frequent readings.

* Use magic spells, or make you buy anything that will improve your life.

* Make a prediction about death.

* Promise to solve your problems or find you love.

* Be arrogant or egotistical.

* Pressure you.

* Guarantee things will happen in a specific time frame.


A True psychic will ….

* Be 80% accurate.

* Charge reasonable fees.

* Give you in-depth insight and will not generalize.

* Have a spiritual belief.

* Be focused and clear in their readings.


I accept that dying is not the end of the person’s existence but simply the end of the person’s body. The conscious and the soul survive and exist on a different level.

Before I conduct a reading with a client, I shut out all personal memories, and all conscious thoughts. I then tell the client what comes to me. I must have tremendous faith in what I am getting, otherwise I would not say what I see or feel. It takes much faith in oneself to express the unknown. When I am giving a reading to a client, I may see something, feel, hear, sense or even smell something. Whatever it is, I just let it come to me and just let it flow.

I believe that my ability in some way or another has been give to me, so I can tune into the spirit world and there energy’s. In my opinion when I work with spirit and energy, I use my abilities for the highest good of all concerned and only ever with the person permission. I enjoy walking my spiritual path and helping others to understand that there is a place for our love ones to go and watch over us.