Psychic readings and the future

The primary role of a psychic is not to foretell the future, but offer guidance to help you achieve your potential.


I would like to stress that the way I see it and from my long experience in dealing with the psychic world that the primary role of a psychic is not to foretell the future. A psychic is there to offer guidance and to help you achieve your potential. This is made possible by removing obstacles in your path and by helping you to remove any negative patterns. Thereby empowering you to develop to your full potential, the idea is to make you aware of how to create a positive future for yourself. It is very important to remember that you have self will and no one knows the future but you. Psychic readings are there to help you move on.

People will generally have psychic readings because they need someone to tell them what to do, not realizing that they make their own future. The truth is everyone does know their future. It is the divine part of your self and higher self, the high consciousness that knows. Some are aware of it more than others.

I believe that you have a wiser part of yourself; some refer to this as the higher self. It is the higher self that knows the future. You can experience it when you have feelings or a premonition about something you should do or something you should not.

Sometimes you connect with that on a sub-conscious level, for example, when you dream. This is because the logical side of the brain is not in control and you allow intuitive information to come through. Effectively, that is what dreams are. You are connecting with your intuitive self, to receive information that is useful to you and it comes from a higher place.

When a client comes to see me for the first time, I explain to them that what I see and what they hear today is a product of what and who they are today, how they feel about life and what actions they hold today and how they conduct themselves from day to day. I also explain that if they change certain actions their future and life will change and so would the reading the next time.

I always explain that what a psychic sees is only their probable future because they always have the ability to choose a different outcome (free-will).

For example, if the clients question was about marriage, and they decide to marry a particular person their life together will be like so, as the future is an extension of what the present state of mind is. If however they decide to wait, then they are creating a different outcome, and life would turn out differently. This is probable future, it is not a good idea for a psychic to give his or her opinion, because the objective is to get the client to make their own choices and to take control of there own life, not to take their self-will away.

How you make the future is as simple as the choices you make on a daily basis. Whether you decide to go to lunch with someone or not or whether you decide to learn something new or not, it is these little decisions that make up the bigger picture. You do have choices in everything you do. If you are aware of your life and where it is leading to, you become more and more aware of the choices you make.

True there is an element of the unknown in every choice you make. However, think of it as a computer program. Every outcome depends on every step you make. So the final outcome depends on the series of little steps. If you are in charge of the small steps, then you know for sure that the outcome is going to be in your favor.

If you resist the idea of change or resist making conscious change you will remain where you are and the predicted outcome will be useless. You need to understand that you can make decisions that can and will change your life now and therefore alter your future.

For example, it is like cooking something; the outcome depends on what ingredients you use. If you know that you are doing everything to the recipe and using the right ingredients then you are going to end up with what you set out to do. In away your actions are the same.

If you do not take action, then nothing will change, By the same token if you create new action you are creating a new path for yourself, therefore you are effectively creating a different future. Whether consciously or sub-consciously you are creating the patterns in your life and the actions in your mind, these shape the present and therefore influence the future. By analyzing the past does not change anything unless you understand consciously what patterns and actions cause you to arrive at such situations or at a juncture in your life.

Negative patterns, unbalanced emotional states and outdated actions can be the cause of an unsatisfactory state. When you are unhappy with the current state of affairs, you have to acknowledge that nothing will change unless you address and modify the behavior that has caused it in the first place. You also need to be realistic about your life situation, make the best of your life. For example, ask yourself, have I done the best I can today under the current situation? If your answer is no, then tomorrow do more. Do not create fantasy desires or goals that would leave you disappointed and more negative.

It takes a while for your mind to accept new actions and for positive patterns to establish themselves as second nature, particularly if previous unreconstructed ones have been established for a long time.

Blocks can be the reason why certain predictions or changes do not happen when you expect them. So start to work on becoming more aware of what negative patterns and actions are keeping your emotions in check. In other words, stay in your center, stay alert, acknowledge what you feel and do not try to analyze. It may be a case of finding and removing the blocks that you have created and deny you of your true destiny in life. Psychic readings can help you with guidelines.