The Rainbow Meditation

The rainbow meditation. This meditation is a healing meditation and helps to heal all parts of the body through color.


When you are comfortable, close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, feel how good it is to relax. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, feel yourself getting heavier in your chair. Now on the third deep breath and as you exhale feel a warm wave of relaxation begin to roll down, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Now continue to breathe naturally, you start to become aware of the deep feeling of relaxation that is beginning to permeate you entire body. You are now letting go, you are feeling at ease, you are now becoming more relaxed with each breath.

You may feel that your body is becoming very heavy, so heavy that you are slowly sinking into your chair. In just a few moments, this feeling will change and the heaviness is replaced by the feeling of being light. Now your body begins to float up, slowly, effortlessly, higher and higher. You see yourself moving up through the clouds, and you watch the earth becoming smaller and smaller.

You now find yourself far out in the cosmos, suspended but you are continuing to float in space. You have no physical sensations, except a feeling of freedom of weightlessness, you feel no fear, you feel absolute trust and protection, and you now have the inner knowing that, you are filled and surrounded by the universal light.

As you look back at the earth, it looks like a small ball of shining blue green light about the size of your fist. Now you see the earth surrounded in a rose pink light. This is a light of protection, of love and peace. Now you feel yourself being drawn, back to the earth. As you slowly descent through the first few layers of the atmosphere you notice how warm the sunlight is. You now find yourself in a brilliant soft blue sky dotted with large puffs of clouds.

Slowly the biggest and most beautiful rainbow appears it really captivates your attention. Now you head towards the rainbow and its magnificent brilliant color.

You find yourself gliding into the midst of the rainbow, totally immersed and surrounded by the first color which is red start to breathe in this color, it fills you with positive aspects of the color red. Feel, see, or imagine yourself filled and surrounded by the color red, now you are the color red. (Pause) Now feel yourself floating out of the color red and you find your self in the next color which is orange, Again feel see or image yourself as the color orange. Now become the color orange it is the most beautiful shade of orange you have imagined.

Next you find yourself moving into the next color which is yellow this is your favorite shade of yellow here you are totally surrounded by yellow, take a deep breath of pure yellow light feel you self being filed and surround by the yellows light. (Pause), In a moment, you will find your self-gliding on to the next color green you are now in the very middle of the rainbow take a deep breath this color is filling you with a wonderful healing energy that is growth and creativity. As you basked in the green light and bath in its essence, you feel yourself floating into the next color a delicate shade of pastel blue, start to move until you are totally immersed in the blue light.

As you, continue moving the next color be indigo the color of the midnight sky. Feel the light surrounding you body. (Pause) Now move on to the next color, which is violet stay with this color for a short time, feel it surrounding your body. Now move into the last color a blend of all the colors and as you do some you notice a light which is white, a most beautiful radiant lustrous white light here stay for a moment so that you can become rested, rejuvenated, and invigorated. Soak up this wondrous healing white light.

It is time now to leave, in a few moments, I am going to slowly count from one to five on the count of three you can open your eyes on the count of five you will be awake and feel in perfect health and will feel better than before.

Come back to your own body.

Start to feel your own body.

Open your eyes.

You are now back in the moment.

You feel totally relaxed and feeling better than you have for along time.