Rebirth and Reincarnation

Once you begin to learn about reincarnation, you will get interested in finding out something about your own past life, or at least wonder who you may have been.


Reincarnation is the theory that mans consciousness or soul, survives death and returns to be reborn into a different physical body and life in order to learn and grow. It is said, for the soul to truly evolve it must experience many lives in various races and social classes. This creates a balancing out process that in turn generates compassionate acceptance of all souls. The purpose of karma is not to punish each other, but to learn and give the soul the opportunity to live in harmony with each other and the universe.

When you think about it, one single lifetime is equivalent to only one scene in a play. The therapeutic goal of spiritual regression work is to restructure and understand you currant life in the light of your extended experiences from other lifetimes. Spiritual regression can help you to know and understand that death is not a threat and that loved ones have not been lost forever, they have just moved to another place in time.

One of the biggest arguments against the theory of reincarnation is the fact that we cannot remember our past lives; however, we do to a certain extent, if only in short flashes known as deja`vu.

These experiences are very common; however, very few of us like to admit they have had these experiences at one time or another. Some examples include a feeling you have met someone before when you know you have not, knowing the street or place you are at when you know you have not been there before, feeling drawn to a person, but not understand why you are or why you like them. There are also times when you dislike someone or fear them and do not understand why. This is something we cannot understand or explain, but it lingers within us nonetheless. Is it our past life? I will leave that up to you to decide.

Once you begin to learn about reincarnation, you will get interested in finding out something about your own past life, or at least wonder who you may have been, where you may have lived, what sex you were, and what you may have become in the past life. There are many quiet and safe ways one can do this. All it involves is a little more awareness of both your waking and sleeping states. Also, daily meditation practice helps you to open up the channels of past life memory.


Let me explain how a past life reading and past life regression differ.

A past life reading is when a gifted person has the ability to see your past live and relates that information to you. .Past life readings may be attractive to those that prefer a less subjective experience, or for those that mistrust their ability to see. The revelation of past life readings depends only on the reader's gifts. The amount of details varies among readers.

Past life regression is unmediated revelation through hypnosis usually assisted by a regression therapist. However, past life regression is not always accessible to those who cannot be hypnotized because the interpretive reality of the ego is too strong. Another alternative is to listen to a cd using Frequency Harmonics.

A thought for you, perhaps we are all living more lives than one, simultaneously, not just one or the other, but all of them all at once! This makes the mind boggle. Think of life as a bean bag, and the beans inside it are people, you and me and everyone else. As the bean bag is tossed, you and me and everyone else gets moved around. One minute we're in one part of the bean bag, and then in another part, this could represent different life spans. The life form is meeting different people and having different experiences.

Whether you choose to believe in reincarnation or not, you find it embedded and presented to you in different guises within your culture. The fact that novelists and film-makers today so often return to the theme of reincarnation, shows that it is now becoming an accepted part of our culture.