Understanding Reincarnation and the Soul

To understand reincarnation, we need to understand the nature of our mind, and how our body and mind are separate entities.


Reincarnation is to be born again, to return to the earth in many different periods and to assume many different roles. Time and space is the medium into which you are born, not once but many times. Each of your incarnations exists separately and within its own time. Time is multi-directional and each moment is eternal. Your other lives are located in different historical periods and in different dimensions of earth time and space, yet your other lives do not follow one another in a forward marching line into the future, nor does it make progress. Process, outside of time is measured by the degree of psychic and spiritual energy. All your reincarnations exist right now in this present moment.

To answer the question, what is reincarnation? You first need to understand the process by which a soul partitions off a fragment of itself to reincarnate in a physical body. This then leads to another question, what is the soul? This is a vast, multi-dimensional consciousness that vibrates at an extremely high frequency and can only exist on a higher dimension. Now for another question.

What is incarnation? This is where a fragment of your soul steps down its frequency so that it can attach to a fetus and go through the birth process, which is how you got here.

If you think in terms of one world, one life or one god, then to think in terms of there being many worlds, many lives or many gods will seem unreasonable. Reality however, is far more fantastic than your could ever comprehend.

The world you know is like a cosmic stage upon which the human drama unfolds, so that you get to play out your role as you create your life. Each life and each role is always sacred and unique, however, this world is not your only stage, nor is this your only life. You posses more than one identity. In fact, you may be described as an inter-dimensional actor playing your role for the benefit of your greater soul. You exist at this moment in more than one world, in more than one time and you have more than one role.

In each incarnation, you have absolute freedom of choice, and the tendency to create emotional and psychological patterns is evident in almost all cases. You are not bound to meet the same people, life after life, yet because of the nature of attraction, this is what usually happens. Love is the blinding force in all dimensions. Your relationship will repeat itself, because of the overwhelming power of love. The system of reincarnation allows the vast energy of love within you to express itself in multiple cultural and historical settings.

Some souls take to the human experience and some do not. Some souls may simply have temperamental needs that earth life may not be able to fulfill. There is no particular number of lives that you have to live within any reincarnation. Some of us leave the earth more quickly than others. You will then seek out another dimension that fits your particular temperament better. Therefore, you are not strapped to the mythical wheel of eternal return where you spend several eternities trying to figure out how to get free again. Freedom of choice is part of life that exists here on earth, and in every other dimension of reality as well, this freedom is the foundation of all life.

The important thing to remember is, you are your spirit and all your spiritual faces are quite natural to you. Your current identity is colored by these other versions of you in significant ways. When you become more open to endless possibilities then there could be a more direct channel of communication formed.

I do not want to play down the role of the body, because it always deserves respect. This is because you are your body and your identity is tied in with its structure in some obvious and in some not so obvious ways. Your body is spirit made into flesh; when you die you go back into beginning spirit, this is where you are both male and female. Nevertheless, when you are in the flesh the system of reincarnation requires that you try both sexes, so to speak. What sex you choose then helps to shape your identity and destiny, your body form and sex modifies your choices of your future. Some people will prefer one sex to the other; however, your soul is made up of both male and female qualities. These qualities can only be appreciated through the total immersion into one sex or the other.

Each time you accept a cycle of incarnation, you can have as many life times as you need to fulfill your purpose. You have the opportunity to choose your parents, your future life challenges, and its historical settings, even before you are born. At the same time, you give yourself a line of development that is intuitively informed throughout your life.

Each of your separate incarnations think of themselves as the one and only, and they would be surprised to hear about you, as you would of them. They are caught up in the day to day events of their lives as you are in yours, while they are pursing their own ideals within a world as real to them as this world is to you. However, all your incarnations are separate and within your own dimension, you are bound to each other, and all of you are stamped with your eternal identity.

Therefore, in reality you are a crowd, a whole family of personalities all of whom are sharing a larger psychic space that is your immortal spirit. Human consciousness does not behave like a thing or a material object, because it is really made of more interesting stuff, the consciousness can be in more than one place at one time. Consciousness can divide itself into many areas of perception. Your incarnations are part of you; they are the deep secret part of your psychic structure that you have forgotten is there.

When you try to apply logic to the concept of reincarnation, you are lead to assume that the deeds of a previous incarnation will have some sort of effect on your currant life, in the form of a reward or punishment. However, you need to remember that time is a relative thing, and time is a matter of perception. In reality the past, present and future, all exists at once, so any punishment is just another event, and could precede any given crime. Therefore, outside of the three dimensional time references, punishment is illogical and even absurd.

You are not punished because you were bad in a past life. Punishment in reincarnation is a concept that has been around for years by many people and religious philosophies; they only serve to tarnish any of their original credibility. The truth is much more interesting and more surprising than many would like to believe. Through the cycle of reincarnation, you try many behaviors; you learn to become a responsible co-creator with all of your consciousness.

Spiritual growth can come in no other way, but through the loving creation of form. Secretly spirit needs matter and obviously, matter needs spirit.

I understand that to some the idea of reincarnation may be frightening or unbelievable, as it is hard enough to cope with your life now. It is important to remember that the life that you are living now is the most important incarnation; this life has great meaning and purpose for your greater soul and should remain always your primary concern. However, curiosity to find broader answers is always there. Reincarnation is a part of the psyche structure, which should not be denied, I will leave you to make your own mind up.