Understanding Remote Viewing

One of the ways you can experience the great reality is through remote viewing, a form of psychic ability. Explore this mesmerizing realm of the psychic mind.


As the name suggests, remote viewing is the act of viewing or seeing things at a place far away from you without your need to actually be there. It is more like you stay where you are, but view things that happen somewhere else. As weird as it may sound, remote viewing has been proven as a science and is being used in certain legal and crime departments, where the law makers often take the help of such people who have the capacity of remote viewing to solve a lot of crimes.

Remote viewing has been a subject of sincere research by the intelligence community of several world governments, including the US for years. Several major intelligence breakthroughs in the past 60 years were discovered thanks to the use of remote viewers.

The discovery that anyone could develop their psychic talents spread like wildfire, and career psychics soon were possible. Today psychics are employed by the police, the military, the intelligence community, even by the private sector wishing to know what the stock market will be doing next.

This ability makes remote viewing more of a science rather than a supernatural phenomenon and hence it has increased the scope of development as well.

To understand how remote viewing actually works we will need to get an understanding of our science knowledge. The whole world revolves around the concept of frequencies and their forces. So, the human brain is also tuned in such a way that it is able to read or perceive these frequencies and act accordingly. With every frequency that it detects it learns or tunes the human body to carry out a particular activity. For example if it detects the beta frequency it realizes that it has to carry out the normal functions. Similarly on detecting the alpha frequency it goes into meditation.

The frequency level for remote viewing is at a mid delta level. Although the human brain is quite capable of going into the delta level, most of the time the brain is in the delta level the body is in deep sleep.

So where then will the remote viewing happen? That is why we specifically say that the optimum frequency level for remote viewing is in the mid delta level where the mind has not gone into slumber but can be activated for remote viewing.

Research shows that Mid to Low Delta Frequencies are exhibited when remote viewers are using their abilities. The secret to this recording's success is to put your mind into a low delta brain frequency range while keeping you awake. In doing so you unlock your unconscious and psychic inner powerhouse while conscious. Often when we sleep we have "prophetic dreams," or dreams that tell us about the future. This is because the brain taps into this psychic ability, but the subconscious interprets it differently, skewing facts and creating inaccuracies.

The ability to get into these different frequencies could be quite easy for trained experts. However, how will the normal human brain get so skillful to read all these frequencies and respond to each of these differently? You do not have to bother about this, simply because we are here to help with our remote viewing binaural recording that will help you tune to these different frequencies and then you can view remotely what you want to view, even if it is something that is happening miles and miles away from your current location.

This recording will start off by getting you into the mid delta range whereby you will be blessed with the opportunity of remote viewing, and will continue to get you into delta followed by low theta. This is a very smooth and tranquil cycle and you will feel no hassles when you are into it. The other must know advantage of this recording is that at the end of this whole session it will end with the alpha frequency. This will promote you to go into a state of complete relaxation. And the best gift that you can give yourself, thanks to our recording is a completely refreshed and relaxed you.