Sandy Beach Meditation for Relaxation

This meditation will allow you to journey towards a sandy beach where you can chill out and relax listening to the water.


Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful forest towards the ocean.

You can hear the waves up ahead and you can smell the ocean spray. The air is moist and warm and feels pleasant on your skin.

As you walk along the path there is a cool breeze blowing through the trees and as you reach the edge of the forest you see the brilliant aqua color of the ocean ahead.

You now walk out of the forest into the long stretch of white sand. The sand is very soft. Take off your shoes and walk on the warm white sand towards the ocean. As you look around you notice that the breach is wide and long.

You can hear the waves crashing on the shore and you can taste the clean salt water. You gaze out at the ocean and you watch the waves washing up onto the sand and receding back into the ocean and the ever-repeating rhythm starts to relax you.

Now imagine yourself walking towards the ocean over the soft white sand and as you approach the ocean you can feel the mist on your skin. You walk closer towards the waves and feel the wet and firm sand on your feet.

A wave washes over the sand towards you and touches your toes before receding. Walk further into the ocean you can still see the white sand under the water. The water feels pleasant and relaxing giving you relief from the hot sun.

Now you are feeling calm and relaxed you walk back onto the beach and you stroll along the ocean’s edge free from worries and stress. Up ahead there is a comfortable chair just for you. Go and sit on the chair and relax and enjoy the sun.

When you are ready to return do so. Slowly bring yourself back to the here and now. Open your eyes and become fully alert.