Sensing Spirit Guides

If you wish to speak or have contact with spirit and loved ones, then it is best done through developing attunement to spirit.


There are many ways you can sense and have contact with spirit guides. These are times when you calm the mind and become more receptive and attuned to the vibration or frequency of spirit, these times are as you fall to sleep and just before you awake, while you are daydreaming or in a meditative state. At these times you may enter an altered state of consciousness and a natural heightening of your spirit vibration takes place. If you do wish to develop these abilities to sense and communicate with spirit, you firstly need to invite your spirit guides, helpers and loved ones to work with you.

If you wish to speak or have contact with spirit guides and love ones, then it is best done through developing attunement to spirit, this is done by heightening you own spirit senses and vibration to a frequency where it becomes possible to sense, and then eventually you build a strong enough link to communicate with spirit. This normally involves entering an altered state of conscious awareness. To some it comes naturally and is not unlike a daydream state of mind, where the mind is allowed to freely drift while you allow a quieting of your thoughts.

The mind is taken up into a heightened but peaceful state of awareness whilst expanding your spiritual senses outwards.

For those who do not find it natural, then often finding this attunement and quieting of the mind so that spirit may be perceived will work best within a relaxing meditation.

Once the gift is open and is fully developed it becomes much easier to attune into the spiritual vibrations where clairvoyance, psychic perceptions and awareness becomes possible. However, the foundation of clairvoyance is often psychism and the two are often thought to be the same thing, when in fact they work on different levels. You can be psychic and clairvoyant without hearing spirit, however psychism is often use by clairvoyant mediums to form a link with someone here, so that spirit can drawn close to them, then they move their vibration up into the spiritual vibrations to ”link in” with the spirit guides and pass on the massage that is given.

The psychic link aids the power to build up energy between the material and spiritual planes; it is very beneficial or even necessary to have basic psychic abilities that can be developed with practice.

One of the most common things you might experience is catching glimpses of spirit out of the corner of the eye or you might see the colors of the auras. Sometimes these spirits might be seen as shadows or as a normal figure standing or moving to one side. The problem is that as soon as one looks directly to see what or who it is, there is nothing to be seen; therefore you mostly put it down to a figment of your imagination, when in reality you are seeing your spirit guides.

Spirit guides can be seen as tiny sparks of light or as transparent orbs or beads that at times become bright light or flashes of light about the size of a marble and can at times be caught on film. Mostly these orbs are seen in peripheral vision, flashing briefly often as white light, however, they can very in color. These sparks of light can be seen as spiritual pearls or orbs hovering and gliding though the air and are often seen to be following you or others around, they are normally best seen indoors or out of direct daylight. Spiritual pearls or orbs of light are a form and presence that spirit within the realms can use to remain constantly here upon the earth plane. This is so that spirit never has to leave the earth completely and a small part of their spirit can remain here all the time in this form, so that they can also be living their lives within the spirit realms whilst being here at the same time to guide and watch over you. Spirit Guides and loved ones can communicate with you and each other through this form. Spirit orbs have been photographed on many occasions all around the world and are often seen by mediums hovering over the heads of those that are waiting for a message.

Spirit are etheric beings of energy and light and spirit blend their own spiritual energies with yours when they attempt to find attunement to your spiritual vibration which is much slower than that of spirit. This is because your mortal body acts like a dampening field to your spirit, slowing down your spiritual vibration. Therefore, it is helpful if you heighten you own vibration and meet spirit half way between their normal vibration and that of your own normal vibration, then clairvoyance becomes possible. Once you have gained a sense of spirit and of the thoughts or impressions they are trying to channel to you through psychic and clairvoyant intuition, senses and perceptions. This will be on a level that is in attunement with your own spirit vibration and frequency, this is somewhat like tuning the dial on your radio until your receive a good frequency.

The blending of spirit energies within your aura is what many first sense and become aware of. When a spirit draws close to you they blend their energies within your aura so they can attune to you in an attempt to communicate, making you aware of their presence, it can produce feelings of energy, a tingling sensation or even goose bumps. Sometimes your hair may stand on end on the back of your neck, as well as warmth or coolness that can be felt particularly around the head and shoulders. This blending can at times produce a feeling around the face not dissimilar to the feeling you might get if you walk into cobwebs as they touch your face or even a feeling like tiny kisses being placed on your cheeks.

You may at times sense that there is someone you know in your presence standing by your side or you might have feelings of someone placing a hand on your shoulder as a supportive gesture or stroking your hair lightly, this is normally done by loved ones in spirit when they are trying to make you aware of their presence.

The perceptions and impressions spirit loved ones might try to send into your mind are often memories of themselves, if they wore distinctive perfume or smoked a pipe you might be given a sense of these smells as it acts like a trigger to remind you of them. This helps you to form a psychic link. However, these senses are usually quite subtle for beginners. You may also feel or experience emotions or inspirations of thoughts and words that just seem to pop into your mind. Most feel and sense these things rather than hearing spirit voices directly, while others can at times, see and hear spirit more directly in the mind. Clairvoyance is the general term given to this, however, Clairsentience is feeling or sensing spirit more like psychics do and Clairaudience is hearing spirit voices clearly in the mind or coming out of the air.

This can be like listening to the little voice within your own mind, again it is subtle or sometimes just an impression that drifts into your mind as it might do in a daydream and one has to trust it is spirit. Those who have been mediums for many years still at times question whether they are really hearing spirit. However, there is proof that comes in different ways and may just seem like an intuitive feeling about someone and if you ask the person, it is often found that your feelings are correct. This can confirm to you that what you are given is correct and helps you to open up the gift and ability of spirit as you learn to trust in what you are receiving from spirit and the links then becomes stronger. Other spiritual insights, messages and development often come to those who are open minded to spirit.

Those who are aware of spirit say they can hear or sense spirit guides or loved ones moving around their home and doing things like they did on the earth plane. Those that feel their presence do sometimes get impressions of a song or something the person in spirit always sang. Spirit is also known on occasions to move objects about the home, often this may be a picture of themselves.

Some of you might receive clairvoyant impressions while others are given intuition or premonitions which are more like a gut feeling. This works more on the psychic level and is received in a more indirect manner through the solar plexus chakra, which is the main psychic perception center, rather than in a more clairvoyant ability to sense, hear or see within the mind through the crown and brow chakra, which can include seeing images on the psychic mind (third eye) or having impressions of images put within the mind without actually seeing them. This is why people say it was a gut feeling, something like a premonition or intuitive feeling, rather than knowledge passed directly into the mind.

If you ask spirit to help you or ask a question the answer can at times come in an unexpected manner, such as you might pick up a book and it falls open on a certain page and there you may see a word or sentence that stands out, this may well be an indirect answer to your question. If you ask to serve and help others then spirit can help and guide you to find these opportunities. It is up to you to recognize whether you have been guided and given such opportunities that might be presented to you as they often come in subtle ways that you often put down to coincidence or chance, rather than that of being guided.

Spiritual awareness can virtually come over-night to some, while in others it develops more slowly. Often there might be a need for the gift to be developed, these are those who are aware but have been denying and rejecting these abilities for a long time for whatever reasons or fear they might have. This can sometimes be caused by religious beliefs that state you should not speak with the dead. This is quite natural as you often are wary of the unknown, yet there are many who have had these abilities since childhood and are quite at home with these gifts. Those that have these abilities no matter whether they have had them for years or not, often have many unanswered questions they wish to ask about their abilities and experiences along with who are their spirit guides and how are their loved ones in spirit.

For those of you that are naturally spiritually aware or those that continue to develop their gift of spirit there are a multitude of things you can learn from spirit guides, family members and helpers in spirit along with being of service to spirit. You can continually develop the gift of spirit with the help of those that come to work with you.

There is one group that can find it hard to develop spiritual abilities and these are those who have a more analytical mind and frequently question the validity of how spiritual communication works and how can it be possible. This in itself causes a blockage in their ability to open to spiritual communication. It is important to have self confidence and belief in ones own spirit and spiritual abilities. Self belief in your own spiritual self is very important as spirit only rewards those who are open minded. You need to find the correct attunement and vibration within your own spirit and mind, this then allows your spirit to come into its own and find the freedom from your material mind to find attunement to your own spiritual gift and therefore also give you insight into the spirit world.

Therefore, the one thing you should never do is doubt your spiritual abilities and realize that your spirit has no restrictions and that it is your own mortal mind and conceptions that limits and places restrictions on what you can and cannot do, therefore bringing limitations into your spirit by the way you think. Therefore, to discover your abilities you have to be worthy of your own spirit to receive the rewards through enfoldment and self belief. It is true that your spirit is your own best judge of what is or is not appropriate for you. Spiritual abilities have to be earned and even if they come naturally you still have to earn them through not doubting the self. By being open minded, trusting and imaginative you will find your spirit guides and it will help you develop in your daily life.

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