What is the Souls Purpose?

Do you want to know the difference of being in alignment with your soul’s purpose and not being aligned with it? Does your soul differ from a spiritual mission?


I do understand that everyone will have their own opinion when it comes to this topic. However, I would like to share my view on the afterlife and soul purpose with you.

When you die, you life energy forms a new existence. Your earthly body stays on the earth and ceases to be a vehicle of your energy due to age or illness. Your body is released from gravity and the physical limitations of the earth, you then move on to a new reality of being. Depending upon your personality and the particular energy that you had on earth, some of us can hold the basic shape and form of our physical existence; however, we expand out a little due to lack of physical boundaries of our skin. As you continue into this new reality and socialize with those of other energy beings you are aware of your physical life that you have just passed, but without the trappings of being an earth dwelling entity. You are free to experience what your soul purpose is and was. You start to assess your past life to see how much of your soul purpose you have accomplished and what is left to accomplish in your spiritual existence and in the next physical existence.

As you start to reflect back as a spiritual entity, you realize that you got caught up in the trappings and specific events of your earthly existence, and that you failed in your attempt to fully experience your soul purpose. It is in the spirit world that you can devise a plan of action for your next attempt should you choose to return. You can choose the appropriate family that would suit your early development which will hopefully catapult you into realizing your true destiny. As spirit, you can move around in the earthy realm as well as in the spiritual realm.

There is a separation of the two realms; you can visit the earth on a given purpose to help the physical beings. Your spirit goes mainly undetected by the senses of humans, except for a gifted person. As spirit, you can observe and study people and their lives. If you decide to return to earth, you are allowed to assess your potential parents and to decide who would be the best parents for you and how they would suit, your needs, how they can provide the necessary environment for you to achieve your goals. You can see the record of these peoples past lives so you can predict the way you will be raised.

Then you wait for the moment when the gate of opportunity comes for you to focus your energy back into the realm of the earthy existence. However, not all spirit has the true desire to be able to experience the senses of the physical body again. Some spirits feel that being a spirit does have its advantages, but after a while, the spirit is ready to try the new life in a human form once again.

Once back in the physical realm, some get caught up in material things again and this ends by robbing the soul of energy, like drugs and others extreme addictions. Many spirits cannot achieve their soul’s purpose because they see events happening from their past lives and this stops them moving onto the end goal. Others do move on and become teachers to help others.

I believe that my calling and my purpose is to help others understand why life is like it is. I try to get people to look deep inside themselves. When you take care of your needs and live true to your soul’s purpose, then you will be happier and your life starts to fill up with things that you like. Going against your soul purpose brings friction and hard times. Life seems to go against all you do. Finding your soul purpose in your life brings joy and peace.

The end goal for both physical and spiritual realities is to achieve unity with all, or the one force that is all. When you achieve your ultimate goal of existence, you become enlightened. You can only imagine what being one with the ultimate force of everything could be like, but you can rest assured that is a glorious existence. With each life you have, there is a chance to get closer to the truth, to become one with all creations and to learn.