The Spirit guide visualization

The spirit guide visualization will allow you to meet and connect with your guide. You will see the healing energy flow through you and the universal.


Your body is party to the universal consciousness and is a manifestation of the living spirit. You are part of the universal spirit, and your body is a reflection of that spirit. Universal power and universal healing is flowing in and through you, revitalizing every bone, every muscle, every organ, every gland and every cell in your body. I ask that any negativity be cleared from your body, and be replaced by warm loving energy of the universal spirit. You are at one with the Great Spirit. Now allow the healing energy, the loving light of the universal consciousness to flow through you, healing you and revitalizing you.

You are now going into your visualization.

Start to breathe deeply and slowly allow all your muscles to completely relax. Now visualize you crown chakra which is located on the top of your head. Now visualize a large orb filled with the most divine white light of energy. Once you have your crown chakra visualized clearly start to visualize a cord of the same light energy flowing from your crown chakra down through the top of your head traveling down along your spine all the way down through to the earth.

Now visualize this energy moving down even further, deep to the core of the earth and connecting you with it. Feel the warm energy of the earth flowing through your body and feel its power increasingly strengthen you. Allow this energy and power to surge through your entire body, your arms, legs, fingers and toes. Allow the energy and power to build within you, until you create a light of energy and power that envelops your entire body this should be seen as a bright light made of the same energy that is flowing through you.

Now visualize a white light shining up ahead of you and begin to visualize yourself walking towards this light. As you get closer you notice that you are walking towards a door to another realm.

Take notice of what this door looks like. Now take notice of what the door is made of.

Now open the door and look out and you will see a beautiful lush forest. You can now step forward through the door. Take in the surroundings look at the trees, shrubs, grass, weeds and flowers. This is like a place you have never seen before.

Now walk around and explore everything that is surrounding you. You will not loose the door it will be waiting for your return journey. As you look ahead of you there is a pathway through the trees. Visualize yourself stepping onto the path and start to walk slowly. You are going to pause here and listen carefully.

Soon your spirit guide or loved one will appear and approach you. When you see your guide or loved one you can speak with them. Ask any questions you might have in your mind or tell them something you never got the chance to. If you are meeting with your spirit guide you might like to ask their name or maybe you just want to say hello at this point, it is your decision.

When you spirit guide or loved one decides it is time to go, thank them and say goodbye. If you want you can give them a hug. Make sure you promise that you will return once again in order for your relationship to flourish.

Walk slowly back to the door and visualize yourself walking back through. Step into the darkness once again and see another light up ahead. Walk to the light and visualize it slowly surrounding your entire body. You are relaxed and calm, like you never thought possible. Once the light surrounds you open your eyes. It is at this point that your journey is complete and you find yourself back where you started.