Understanding your Spiritual Dreams

Being able to determine what a normal dream is and what a spiritual dream is can be useful to understand.


Being able to determine what a normal dream is and what spiritual dreams are can be useful to understand. Whatever your belief is, you do receive massages when you dream, and I must say at this point that most people do not realize they are having spiritual dreams. These dreams happen because when you are asleep you are very relaxed, your mind becomes quite and you become very receptive to receiving massages.

Spiritual dreams can produce strong emotional feelings. It is all about how you interpret them. If it produces a dramatic emotional feeling of joy, love, sadness or fear, pay special attention to it. Whatever stands out the most in your dream will be the key in helping you figure out the message. Spiritual dreams can seem very real and you will wake up believing you were there. You might visit a place that is important to you, do something you did not believe you could do or better still speak to a loved one that has past over to the spirit world. This type of dream can seam real when you awake. Spiritual dreams will normally take place outdoors in beautiful settings; this will include sunshine, flowers, birds, mountains, rivers, bright colors with feelings of love, joy and peace. Spiritual dreams are a direct route to another spiritual realm, where your mind is free to come and go.

To interpret your dream, you need to determine what type of dream you are dealing with. Dreams fit into two categories. Firstly, there are your physical body and mind, and secondly, those which come from your spirit guides or tutors. They both have different purposes and it is necessary to recognize what the difference means to you and how it interacts with your waking and dream state.

Dreams that originate with the physical body are about your survival in the world of physical nature. They deal with your physical and psychological well-being. These dreams help you manage your body and tidy your mind for your general well-being.

Then there are the dreams you have that have mystical and special characteristics to them, which are for your spiritual development and progress. This type of dream produces instant knowledge and information that is beyond your physical ability.

When you sleep, so are the physical components of yourself. Theses are the five senses, smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing and hearing, these five senses are suspended. Sleeping allows the other sense you have to take over; by the other sense, I mean your sixth sense. This is when both your physical body and your spiritual essence performs simultaneously, helping you to iron out the parts of your life that may need changing or may be giving you a problem.

There are several components to each dream category, dreams of the physical body answer to food, health and psychological.

Have you noticed that if you go to sleep after you have eaten you can have some silly images go through your mind? This is because food triggers some wild and wacky dreams, a good example here is cheese. If you enjoy this type of dream, take note of what you are eating before you go to sleep. On the other hand, if you do not like the dream, avoid eating before you go to sleep. Food is one of the generators of dreams that are not worth interpreting.

Your sub-conscious knows more about you than you do. At times, your dreams can tell you about your lifestyle. It can show you how to change your life, in this type of dream it is past on to you in a polite way and other times not in a polite way. This dream helps you understand how you are using your body and helps you to re-balance your body and mind.

Psychology in a dream can be stress, a stressful relationship, and social situations. These problems can cause your mind to become unbalanced. However, with the help of your dream you can correct this by allowing your sub-conscious to intervene helping you to straighten things.

Spiritual dreams answer to, precognitive and future, new information, knowledge, a spirit guide or a loved one that comes to visit you.

Spiritual dreams help teach you lessons and gives you guidance. These can be interwoven with one of the mundane dreams your body generates. These answers are hidden and disguised because you are not supposed to know where the information is coming from; you are led to believe that you dreamed up all those unique thoughts and ideas by yourself. The bad news is that they occur less frequently than your physical dreams. However, there is good news, when you do experience them, you get the feeling that something special has occurred. Even if you cannot work out what it means when you experience these dreams, they become a landmark in your life, leaving you with a permanent and unforgettable impression that is deep in your sub-conscious mind.

Appearances from loved ones that have passed on, can occur frequently. In your sleep state, you are closer to them than you are when you are in the awakened state. The reason for this is because you five senses are at rest and you allow your sixth sense or your higher self the freedom it needs to make communication. When you are in your sleep state, you get the chance to be close to the veil that is the dividing line between the psychical world and the spiritual world.

Your dreams are full of symbols that have meanings. To understand your dream you need to dissect it into separate fragments and examine each part. Dreams are composed of a little part of your own life experience that is stored away in your mind symbolically.

To use a dictionary of dreams can be misleading because these interpretations have a value to the author of the book, which may have been a part of his or her personal experience. Someone else’s experience does not create the same symbols that your mind has created. You need to develop your own set of interpretations for the symbols that are part of your own life experiences.

One of the basic strategies is dividing and conquering or divide and analyze.


Here are some basic parts to a dream.