Your Journey to Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth will help you to understand and discover life’s questions. Growth is an inner process that everyone can enjoy through life.


Spiritual growth is the process of inner awakening and becoming conscious of your inner-self. It means the rising of the consciousness is beyond ordinary existence and you need to go beyond the mind and your ego, you then start to realize who you really are.

Spiritual growth is a process that helps you to shred your wrongs and your unreal conceptions, thoughts, beliefs and ideas, allowing you to become more conscious and aware of your inner-self. This process allows you to uncover your inner spirit that is always present within you, allowing you to go beyond your ego.

Spiritual growth is of great importance for everyone. It’s not only for people who are seeking spiritual enlightenment and those that choose to live far away or secluded places. Spiritual growth is the basis to receive a better and a more harmonious life a way to be free of tension, fear and anxiety.

Spiritual growth is not a means for escaping responsibilities, behaving strangely or becoming an impractical person. It is a method of growing and becoming a stronger, happier, a more responsible person.

Spiritual growth is the birthright of everyone. It is the key to a life of happiness, peace of mind, and the manifesting of the enormous power of the inner spirit. Spirit is equally present within the most material person, or within the most spiritual person. The level of the manifestation of spirituality is dependent upon how much the inner spirit is close to the surface, and how much it is covered or hidden, by thoughts, beliefs and negative habits.

When you discover who you are you can take a different approach to life. You learn not to let outer circumstances influence your life or state of mind. You can manifest composure and detachment, developing inner power and strength, all of which are very useful and important tools.

You can walk on the path of spiritual growth and at the same time outwardly live the same kind of life as everyone else.

You can raise a family, work or run your own business and you will still have time to engage in practices that lead you to an inner growth.

A balanced life requires you to take care, not only of your bodily necessities, feelings and mind; you will also take care of the spirit within you. This is all part of the role for spiritual growth.