Spiritual Seed Meditation

This meditation is about your spiritual growth. When you are ready close your eyes and take a slow breath now invite your body to relax.


When you are ready close your eyes and take a slow breath now invite your body to relax and let go of any tension. Take time to allow each muscle in your body to loosen. Just let it happen you now feel a warm wave of pure relaxation rolling down your body.

Now imagine yourself on a path in the countryside. Look, around at the trees and hear the birds singing their songs. It is a warm sunny day and you can feel the warmth of the sun as you walk. Just ahead of you there is an arch way in the hedge, walk along the hedge until you reach the arch. As you look you can see a pathway leading to a gate.

Now walk up to the gate open it and walk through the gate and turn and close the gate behind you. You now notice some steps leading upwards, walk to the steps and count each step as you climb each one. Remember how many steps you have climb as you reach the top.

At the top turn to your left and you will see more steps this time they are going down, there are only a few this time, but when you reach the bottom they lead to a walled garden. As you approach the garden, you see another gate.

Open the gate; walk into the garden and turn, to close the gate. Take time to look around the garden and all that is around you, can you see flowers, pathways and grass. If you would like to change your garden you can.

On the right, you see a patch of earth, now look into your right hand and you will see a seed, this is your spiritual seed, now plant it and water it. Watch how it grows right in front of your eyes.

Now look to the back of your garden and see all the different things around you, get to know your garden, walk through it look around and see if you have a seat in your garden, if so walk up to it and sit down.

If you now look beside you, you will notice that your spirit guide has left something for you, take your time looking at it and then pick it up. Now sit and relax and enjoy the peace your garden offers you.

When you look around do you see anyone else in your garden, maybe a spirit guide, a loved one or a family pet. If you want to speak to them now is the time, however, if you just want to relax that fine to.
It is now time to say goodbye to your garden.

Take one last look around and walk to the gate open it and walk through closing the gate behind you. Turn and walk up the steps, now turn to your right and take the steps again remember how many you counted so you know when you have reach the bottom.

Once you have reach the bottom walk to the gate open it and go through close the gate behind you, walk down the country path reflecting on what you have seen. When you are ready allow yourself to come back to the here and now open your eyes.