Spiritual Seeds of Thought

Whether it is through Spiritual beliefs, peaceful meditations or positive thinking, there is widespread interest in the idea that your mind can help.


There are many methods and many belief systems that teach you how to improve your life and this can be by using something special with your mind. Whether it is through religious beliefs, peaceful meditations or positive thinking, there is widespread interest in the idea that your mind can help. Some teach you to contemplate your thoughts, some teach you to actively exercise your thoughts, and some to clear out your thoughts and meditate on nothing. Many of these techniques can be helpful.

So do we ask ourselves this question? Do thoughts have some essential quality or presence that radiates in the mind to improve your mental atmosphere, or does the act of imagining engage you in a creative process and involves you in generating your own beneficial light?

To radically improve the quality of your thoughts you might try to think only about things that please you or are good for you. If you have ever tried to think positively about something, you will know from experience that is not easy and the effects are often not want you might hope.

When you are looking for powerful thought seeds, it is useful to differentiate between the thoughts you can picture humanly and the more abstract spiritual ideas that are at least initially, beyond imagining.

Lovely thoughts you might hold as images or feelings or have something beyond them. They are representations of spiritual ideas. Let us consider the notion that a mental image is not a fundamental thought, but rather a derived thought, a thought conceived, a thought form.

Therefore, behind every lovely mental image or feeling there are words, essence and spiritual identity. This would be your earliest seeds of thoughts. Therefore, when you think in images, whether of terrestrial images or even of relatively spiritual images, you would not be using the earliest seeds of thoughts. When you think in thoughts, you can picture things using thoughts that you have already been to some extent conceived.

Every mental "cause and effect" relationship is considered to involve seeds of thought. In the progression of your thoughts from highly delicate to concrete, each successive level can prompt the next.

To think beyond images is to enter into a mental realm of spiritual abstractions of words and thoughts that may seem in the minds eye only as the faintest of wisps. When you reach beyond human beliefs and beyond images, spiritual and infinite ideas can begin to drawn to you.

When spiritually mental seeds germinate, they give off spiritual energy. They give off light. One gets to see spiritual ideas as they appear just at the point of conception. This enables you to improve beliefs that make up your sense of things but it enables you to do it with wonder.

To hold thoughts or beliefs in the mind without the involvement of your higher self, is like buying small plants and placing them in the soil. You may enjoy the plants when they flower, but their germinating energy is released everywhere. As humans, we are dependent on others to provide us with their conceptions. The most significant transformation occurs during the emergence of conception. This is the process of generating light.

Having spiritual thoughts is important, because spiritual vitality of your thoughts will largely determine their usefulness. It is not the generated images themselves that provide the energy to move your thoughts and feelings in the right direction. It is the underlying spiritual content, the essential spirit, the accompanying light. The spiritually mental energy behind the ideas you conceive that gives you the power to do good for yourself. It is useful to reach beyond images in your spiritual thinking. This is not easy to start with and it can be a struggle. Therefore, once you master it, you will not want to go back to your old ways, especially when you want to get somewhere.


What does it mean to solve a hard problem in your life or to make a situation better?

There are two distinct aspects to make a situation better. It involves identifying and getting more of what you like and what is good. Identifying and getting rid of what you do not like, or what is not any good for you. When you apply this to your situation, it could mean you have more of what you want and less of what you do not want.

Two aspects of getting more of and getting rid of involve, conception and elimination. Conception is the process by which your ideas are generated and then brought into view. Elimination is the process by which you discard or you use your mental images to vanish or vanquished them. When conception and elimination takes place in balance, they complement each other and result in new ideas of wholeness.

Having powerful positive spiritual thoughts can simply displace negative thoughts and in this way, conception and elimination go hand in hand. If a seed of thought is powerful enough to displace its opposite, it can provide your own empty space.

Clearing your mind of extraneous thoughts is another way to address the need for good in your life. If you have touched the emptiness of the void then maybe that is what makes you receptive to the fullness of a new idea. Your thoughts need to balance. When you are at your most efficient, your spiritual thoughts complement the way you do what you want and the way you decide what you do not want, what you believe and disbelieve, what you know to be true and what you understand to be false. The goal of wholeness is to realize that when you seed your thoughts and eliminate the negative with the positive it all fits together.

Having direction and magnitude as a thought can be described in terms of quality and quantity. Quality defines how good a thought can be. Quantity is how big a thought is. The way to maximize and benefit is to seek out and work with the largest and best thoughts that make sense to you. Quality lets you use the idea of goodness; Quantity lets you use the word infinite. To help provide your seed of thought you are dealing with purely two words. However, these words have a third element to them, “purity”.

Pure goodness by itself may seem to be an ethereal abstraction, but it does not seem too hard to define. When you introduced the word infinite, it brings you to a completely new dimension.

The idea of infinity cannot be pictured accurately in the human dimension. Purely spiritual and infinite ideas may appear to the mind as abstractions, but they can have a telling effect in the upper reaches of your thoughts. They may initially seem vague and intangible and perhaps makes little sense to the lower levels of consciousness that characterize your normal thinking. This may be a good thing. Our inability to conceive an infinite abstraction in human terms does not diminish its usefulness. In fact, the striking difference between infinite and the human dimension is that it is beneficial for you to think.

Spiritual thinking helps you to solve real problems but this may also be a simple matter of commitment. Therefore, I suppose what we are looking for here is not dreamy contemplation of abstractions, but the development and practice of more effective ways of thinking. Being infinitely minded means thinking naturally, helping to lead you to deep involvement in the issues for your life.

So I suppose what we are discovering is that the word infinite helps us to think about and reflect upon, to use your seeds of thoughts, to bring forward new ideas, to transform and transport consciousness, revealing true identity and bringing regeneration.

Therefore, the reason those infinite ideas or any ideas that matter can affect your surroundings are in some ways defined by individual and collective consciousness and unconscious thoughts to the degree that you are able to believe, you best thoughts and their quality and scale can contribute significantly to the quality of your life.

Your thoughts can regenerate the wanting images of life, these have the quality and scales to make things happen, you can discover new things. Remember, your thoughts come in various shapes and sizes and behind them all, are infinite ideas.