The Star Meditation

The star Meditation shows your destiny, how to calm your body, mind and soul. Bringing you into a relaxed state of mind so you can move on.


Sit comfortable, place your arms resting easily at your sides and close your eyes. As you take a deep breath start to visualize that the earth below you is filled with the color of your choice. The color extends 50 feet (17 Meters) below you into the earth. Now start to image that you are opening up energy centers on the bottom of your feet. As you inhale visualize the color of your choice filing up your feet. When your feet are completely filled with the color, bring the color up through your ankles, legs, pelvis and lower back.

Each time you exhale see the color leaving through your lungs, carrying any tension and stress with it. See the tension dissolve into the air. Continue to inhale the color into your abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, neck and head. Exhale the color slowly out of your lungs. When you feel comfortable and relaxed you can start your meditation.

You are now standing at the summit of a high hill. It is night and all around you are the noises of the night, the bark of a fox the hoot of an owl.

However, more than this, the air is filled with an energy that goes right through your body. You look up and see that the sky is filled with stars, which shine so clearly that you feel you can almost reach up and touch them.

As you look, your attention is drawn to a particular quarter of the heavens; there you perceive a pattern of stars that you had not noticed before. They form a rough circle, through which an empty patch of sky shows.

As you look the circle seems to grow larger, and is getting closer to you. You are now looking into what appears to be a window into the sky. You look inside and you notice a scattering of new stars that take up the shape of a figure. This person holds out their hands and you feel yourself being lifted up.

This person then puts you down and you feel your feet firmly touch the ground.

You find yourself on an island of clouds, you start to walk for a short time and you see a low green mound with clumps of trees. There seated beneath the trees you see a person with their chin in their hand, staring out at something that is still hidden from you. As you approach he turns, and you see in his eyes many things, the stars in the sky, your own face, and something more, an understanding and recognition of your destiny.

You have a chance now to speak with this person if you wish, or you may simply want to sit for a while in silence, sharing the vigil until it is time from you to depart. You will know when the moment comes to leave, and you will take your leave. Before you depart this person offers you a blessing which is yours to accept or refuse as you wish. If you choice to accept it you may be sure that its effects will be felt in your life for many weeks to come.

You will now feel yourself being lifted up, and placed back through the circle of stars. When you are back on the ground, you will look up and see the circle growing smaller and more distant and you once again become aware of the night sky. You are now back on the hilltop.

This will now slowly fade and you will become aware of your surroundings. Open your eyes and re-establish contact with the world.