Understanding how to stop worrying and start living

Learn how to stop worrying and start living by letting go of the past and living in the present. Understanding how to create your future and let go of the past.


You need to stop worrying if you want to live life to the full. I can hear you asking why? The answer is easy it’s because worries does not do you any good.

The key to stop worrying is to first understand that worrying is just a stream of negative thoughts.

Now the good news is that you can choose to keep these negative thoughts or change them. Remember you are in control of your own mind on one else is. If you do worry, you will not help your life. It will not make you feel good and energized it will just make you unhappy and less productive.

So what is worry? It means you spend a lot of time thinking about bad things and being preoccupied with negative possibilities. The more you do this the bigger the worries become.

There are many different types of worries. They include gloomy thoughts about your future, about what is happing around you now and what is in the past.


So let me ask you a question. Are you a worrier?

Do you constantly go over everything again and again? Does your mind conjure horrible images of what may or may not happen? When you try to make a decision, do worries stop you in your tracks? The tips below will allow you to take action in solving problems, and help you make better decisions and give you a relaxed and happy life.



When you worry your body pumps out stress hormones by the bucketful doing your body and life no good at all. So instead of sitting and thinking about what is bothering you, get up and do something. Whether you can actually take action towards the problem or just need to get it off your mind you need to do something. Movement helps to release build up energy and funnel it in another direction. Exercise is good ways of dealing with it, take a walk. By walking it, helps clear your mind.



One of the best ways to stop worrying in its tracks is to simply make a decision on how you are going to deal with the problem. When you do nothing it, causes more worry. What if you make the wrong decision? SO WHAT! At least a decision was made and you can move on from there and make a better decision next time. Besides, you learn from mistakes, more than you learn from doing everything perfectly the first time around.



Sometimes your worries may be just figments of your imagination, while others are actually true problems. What you want to do in this case is confront the situation now! Make that phone call, make the appointment, talk to that person, and come to an agreement. Find a compromise whatever it takes do it and do it now. You will not only feel better you will also see the stress and worry dissolve quickly.


Worry is a vicious cycle.

The more stressed you are the more you will worry and the more you become stressed. The best way to handle worry, stress, anxiety and anger is through the simple act of relaxation. If you have a favorite way to relax such as a long bath, a long walk, meditation, reading or listening to music. Take time out each day to practice these simply exercise.


Now the final key is to start living.

I know this is not easy if you are worrying all the time. However, you need to start moving. This means focusing your mind not only on what you want, but by looking at all the good things you have in life. Oddly, in my line of work I often get clients that would say “I do not have a good life or I hate life”. The only reason they think this way is because they are only looking at the negative things in life. So you need to look at the positive things in life.

If you have a family that is good, if you have a job that is good, if you have good health, if you have friends that are good and if you have a good sense of humor that is good. Get the idea once you start doing this you will stop worrying.

When you go through the good things you have you can start living. Start doing the things you enjoy, the minute you do, you will stop worrying. You will then send out positive massages that you are enjoying life. I know it seem hard but the benefits are tremendous.

Try it even once and see how you feel.