Different types of thinking

How to think effectively and understanding different types of thinking are becoming a must have. You need to think effectively to change your life.


There are two types of thinking and both are created according to the energy you place in them. Let’s look at the two different types.

The first is poverty thinking, this can be easily recognized by statements you say to yourself “I can not afford that”, “I do not have the money or the time”, “and I just do not get the breaks in my life.

You will hear these types of thoughts all the time. You can not turn on the TV or read a newspaper without being bombarded with these self replicating thoughts of sickness and poverty. Society has become addicted to the drama of chaos and challenge. You will often feel alive when you are in the middle of a big looming challenge your adrenaline flows and flushes you with fight and energy as you continually confront these problems, they must be dealt with.

This type of thinking is stimulating a response of survival which will drain your body of energy, and cause stress. Stress becomes the main food of your body. The result of too much stress can and does affect your physical body.

Just look at the news and the movies, which are about people struggling and the dramas in their life. When you experience a truck load of problems, your only hope is that it will turn out OK in the end. Problem junkies are always busy struggling with life, fighting to achieve success and rarely achieving any lasting peace.

The second type of thinking is about life and the way you think. How can I do that? This from of thinking is used by successful people. These people do not see problems like the rest of the world. To them problems are opportunities to link up with inspiration and to go from one situation to another.

They regularly ask how they can do something, pondering their own wisdom and creativity for the opportunity they know already exists. These thinks are stimulated by a different drive, a different buzz and the joy of experiencing life.

Each day is filled with opportunity, something that is new and exciting. The rush of flowing energy is the source of fuel they need for their body. They are focused and filled with “I can do it”. They know that if they can think it, they can do it.

These are the thinkers, who believe that a flying machine could help mankind soar to a great height, and that nothing is impossible.

Had the poverty thinkers been the only ones with ideas would we have airplanes, cell phones, the internet, cars, and most of the things you now enjoy and take advantage of without thinking about it?

My challenge to you is to be the kind of thinker who always sees opportunity for growth, who program their mind for success, who realizes their goals and dreams. Ask yourself “how can I do that” many times throughout the day. Then follow the path to success and happiness.