Successful Thinking for Personal Advancement

How to use Successful Thinking for personal advancement using the Universal Law of Attraction.


Are you attracting the universal law of attraction into your life? So that you can attract the things you desire?

Ask yourself the following two questions!

* What are you attracting in your life right now?

* How can you begin attracting more of what you really want?

If you find something is missing in your life then you just might have found the answer you want.

The universal law of attraction governs the universal and the principles of life. These laws have been around since the onset of creation. These laws apply everywhere, to everyone, to everything and to every second of your day and life.


The most powerful universal law is the law of attraction. The following statements are true.


* Like attracting like

* You get what you think about both negative and positive

* You are a living magnet

* Everything is energy this creates a vibration

* Energy attracts energy

* Everything draws to itself, that which is like itself

Do you know the law of attraction is working in your life right now, right at this very moment? Whether you are aware of it or not, it is. The things you own, the people in your life, the job you hold and the situations you experience, in other words everything in your life is where it is because of the law of attraction.>

I am sure you have heard the saying” birds of a feather flock together” or “what you sow you reap” and lastly “what you put out you get back” Yes, you have heard them, well these are just expressions of this amazing universal law of attraction.

The key steps to attracting your desire and the goal you want is basically very simple, and once you get the hang of how to utilize these steps you will be amazed at your magnetic powers. To invoke the law of attraction for positive gain, for self improvement and self growth, you must first decide specifically what it is you desire. The next step is to visualize it in your life and really feel what it is like to have it, believe that you will get it, and allow yourself to have it.

It is important to understand that the law of attraction will not dump your desires or goals into your lap like magic. However, it will provide the methods to help you gain the things you want, and as you focus on your desires and goals the law of attraction will definitely work in your favor, bring with it success, self improvement and self grow.

So let’s recap some of the simple steps you need to achieve your desires.

* Be very clear and specific on what you desire.

* Visualize having it, and raise your vibrations to increase the energy.

* Allow it to happen (avoid resisting, just say yes).

* Focus on achieving what you desire.

* Take the necessary action to achieve it.

Once the steps above are performed you are almost there. Taking the necessary action towards reaching your goals is essential if you are to be successful.

So to summarize, the basic three steps you need to achieve you desires, when working with the law of attraction are as follows.

Ask --- Know exactly what it is that you want so it can manifest itself into your life.

Believe --- Know that whatever you want can really be yours.

Receive --- Stay focused, take action and it will come to you.

The universal law of attraction is not magic; it is a proven scientific fact. Once you have learned the principles of these laws and apply them in your life, the universe will provide the rest.

Keep alert and pay attention, when opportunity comes knocking on your door, will you be at home?