How to take control of your life

The majority of people are waiting. Waiting for that day when life will just suddenly happen. It's time to take control of your life and here's how to do exactly that.


Take control of your life now. Just because your life brings unexpected challengers, it does not mean you can not be in control of your life or may be it does. If you are not in control of your life who is? Let me tell you that if you are not in control there will be something or someone else who is.

As a person you are in charge of yourself, your life and your environment. If you believe you do not have control over your life, or cannot take control of your life because you see obstacles as impossibilities to get around, you will stay right where you are, and your problems are guaranteed to become steadily bigger.

If you believe that options and choices are for others and not for you, let me tell, you are selling yourself short. Looking at yourself and how you live your life requires courage and effort. You need to start believing in yourself before you can move forward, however you need to work on this and what happens depends on you.

If someone asked you what the word control means, and let’s assume you are willing to answer this question, which of the following dictionary definitions of control would you use:


* To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct.

* To adjust to a requirement; regulate.

* To hold in restraint; check.

* To reduce or prevent the spread of.


Now ask yourself how you define control based on your experiences. Do you see a difference between you definition and the dictionary one? Do specific circumstances change the definition of control? Does control mean influencing or manipulating others in the hope they will change, so you do not have to?

Do you control your life, if not take control of your life now simply by using willpower? Perhaps there is not one simple answer to define the word control. Maybe this is because the word control is more elusive than you would like to believe it is.

Maybe you need to involve yourself and not just your willpower to be take control of your life, learning to take control involves looking at yourself as a whole, looking at your ideas and your perceptions of yourself and others, and how you interact.

Nobody goes through life without collecting some baggage along the way. Take control of your life implies a willingness to look at and rid yourself of dead weight. Dwelling on what makes you feel sad, exhausted, angry and powerless will not help you take control. You will always need a degree of distance from your problems in order to shift your perceptions. Once you have this distance you will start to discover choices. If you hang on to your problems you increase the weight of baggage, you then become attached to it, as it is to you. This blocks your ability to create solutions to the problems.


A question for you!

Have you ever talked with someone who complains about the same thing repeatedly? Have you offered suggestions and received either silence or an anger response? When you challenge someone and you receive a negative response it is because you have said something they do not like, or want to face. Their baggage may be challenging and make them miserable, however, remember that this baggage is theirs and they will guard it and defend it, because they are not wrong.

People who hang onto baggage and define themselves by problems are often terrified of change and the unknown. They make the choice to remain attached to the baggage because they are familiar with it. The only hope they have of change is when their misery reaches an intolerable level and the weight of the baggage threatens to crush them. Finally, the fear of change and what they do not know becomes preferable to the misery they know.

The door to your options is available to you when you stop defining yourself by problems. Start to broaden your vision and ask the right questions. Therefore, if you are truly serious about how to take control of your life, start now. Remember, this is a process not a onetime event. You can either pass or fail. The choice is yours.

The exercise below will take time and effort. The results you will depend on you. If you become frustrated or run into a brick wall, do not give up. The frustration has a massage with your name on it. Your choice is to get the massage and move beyond frustration if you cannot, you can stay where you are. However, as always, you have the choice. I know what I would do!

Think of three things you want to accomplish next year or now, write each one down as a positive statement.

Now list each one at the top of a separate piece of paper, write as many ideas as you can come up with that contributes to you accomplishing this. Remember, write down what you want to achieve as a positive statement and when you have finished write your ideas down on how you are going to reach it.


Now choose the first goal you want to work on. Keep an open mind.


Now ask yourself these three questions!

1. What steps will you take to accomplish your desires?

2. What will you change to accomplish each step?

3. What will you do less of, giving you more time to accomplish your goal?


You are now ready to work on your goal and to accomplish it! Look at what you have already achieved.

You have identified three goals.

You have written three positive statements.

You have shifted your perception and broadened your vision of the future.

You have created options and ideas.

You have outlined your actions to help you achieve your goals.

You have incorporated your strengths and minimized your weakness.

You have now started to take control of your life.

This is an ongoing process. As you take the steps to accomplish your three goals, you are increasing your ability to take control of your life now.

You will always have challenges as you grow and change. It is part of life. Developing confidence and being able to feel good about who you are and how you live your life is what it is all about.
Being in control of your life opens up your life, the minute you start stretching yourself, the more you will access the benefits and the wisdom that comes from using your mind, and the more you will receive from life.

Life has so much to offer you - so why not live it your way? Take control of your life now