Working with successful thinking

The essence behind successful thinking is this: that with our minds we can solve any problem, address any issue, achieve (almost) anything we want.

By Gary Vurnum


He is four years old and has never made a sound.
Yet...his face speaks more than his mouth ever could.
His name is Connor...and he is my son.

Wherever he goes he makes people smile. He is their 'favorite' - 'a right little character'.

Yet how does he do it? His secret lies not in what he says - but what he does not. He has an advantage over me in that he does not have the opportunity to say things that might come out the 'wrong way'.

Even though he cannot speak - he knows that he must find a way to communicate. He knows that if he gives you one of 'his smiles' - he will be on the way to being entertained!

Have you ever thought about the 'signs' you give out whilst your mouth is being otherwise engaged?

We have all heard of body language and how it can subconsciously affect your opinion of someone without them even opening their mouth.

Well...what I would like to focus on is the communication you have with yourself! Yes - that's right – I am talking about that little voice inside your head.

Have you ever caught yourself saying something - yet thinking the complete opposite?

Have you ever done something just because you felt that you 'had to' - for the sake of other people?

I know that I have. But who are we really kidding - the other person or ourselves?

It's no big secret that what you think of on the inside is reflected in your life on the outside.

So - without even trying you are automatically compromising yourself by thinking one thing and doing another. It's like throwing a pebble at your reflection in a still pond. Your reflection at first completely disappears - and then re-emerges jagged and broken before finally restoring
itself 'whole' again.

"Does it matter?" you may be asking.

Well...yes! You see life is all about balance. How you feel today is reflected in how balanced you see your life TODAY. If you think that you are unlucky or miserable - then you are certainly not going to go to work with a spring in your step, are you?

Throw in a few subconscious battles between the inside and the outside - and you begin to rattle that perfect reflection.

This can, however, be used to your advantage. Try feeling miserable whilst you picture your child's first steps or how you felt when you had a major success in your life.


Sometimes all it takes is one 'experience' in either direction to upset that reflection. You could be having a fantastic day until you miss your train home...or your miserable day could be broken by seeing your boss trip over and spill his coffee!

And because you are not thinking miserable thoughts - you will automatically 'send out' a positive subconscious message to those around you.

So you see - you do not have to even open your mouth to come across as a positive person. If Connor can do it at four years old without speaking then I am sure that you can, too.

To Our Success!


About the Author:

Gary Vurnum has quit his full-time job to devote himself to his family and his self-development. His life turned around after the birth of his severely disabled son, and he now wants to share with others the tools he used to remain positive during the worst time of his life.